WPMU DEV Upgrades The Hub WordPress Site Management Tool: What’s New in Version 2.0?

If you wish to start up a WordPress website for you which is fast, stable and secure – you should really be considering the WPMU DEV. In this article, we discuss everything you’d ever want to know about the WPMU DEV and The Hub upgrades, beginning from what it is to discussing what features and abilities the WordPress tech suite encompasses.

If you’re planning to open up a WordPress webpage anytime into the future, you could really benefit from reading on below.


What is WPMU DEV?

WPMU DEV is an all-in-one WordPress platform. It equips its customers with access to top of the class plugins, hosting services, customer support, and site management tools. WPMU DEV also enables its members to enjoy 24/7 WordPress website support. You need not feel lost with all the technology delivered to you, you can use WPMU DEV’s online courses and instructional videos to deliver you through any roadblock that you might encompass when using WPMU DEV to develop your webpage.

The WPMU DEV is worth its price and you won’t regret paying for this service. The support services provided to WPMU DEV users is impressive. Anytime you find yourself struggling to install any WPMU plug-in or correctly installing a WPMU special theme to your website, you can access WPMU DEV’s 24/7 customer support live chat. Similarly, there are also several support forums for you to voice your complaints and have them addressed by the WPMU DEV support staff or community.

Did we mention the free WordPress training class yet? Yes, you also receive a WPMU DEV Academy training course free of any extra charges, which teaches you how to successfully curate your own webpage to get it noticed by netizens.

The WPMU DEV also provides a Hub i.e. a central dashboard on your WPMU DEV website, which allows you to keep a track over the status of your plugins and themes, without having to visit your website. It also lets you review your website’s performance.

WPMU DEV has recently updated its Hub feature and introduced The Hub Beta 2.0. Let’s learn about this updated feature more below.


WPMU DEV’s Hub Beta 2.0 Features and Benefits

The WordPress staff community has worked on all the reviews and suggestions it received from the user community and made some much needed changes to its Hub in the Beta 2.0 update. Here are some of the significant changes you’ll find made to the WPMU DEV Hub Beta 2.0 –

1. New Members Can Enjoy a Trial Period of 3 Months

Indeed, if you are new to WPMU DEV, you can now sign up for a 3 month trial period of the WP service. You can’t complain of not being given ample time to draw your conclusion of this WP tech facility now. After all, 3 months is a long time.

2. More Layouts

Unlike the WPMU DEV Hub 1.0, the Beta 2.0 allows you to view your sites as a thumbnail grid – a lot more attractive than the list option, we’d say! Of course, the list view option remains and is now more improved too, with much more detailed information than was possible before.

Thumbnails view in WPMU DEV Hub 2.0

3. Improved Categorizing

Whoever thought of labels, tags and categories to inventory your website? Well, the WPMU DEV has. You can now color code your websites, so you know the status of each and do not have to visit multiple websites on every visit. Infact, you can even add labels to each website. Nifty, isn’t it?

Categorization in Hub 2.0

4. Opens up Your WordPress Site for Access to Other WP Users

Only by your consent, of course. If you wanted to invite your friends/family to edit or alter a webpage you run, you can now use WPMU DEV Beta 2.0 to invite them to access your website control panel.

Users view in WPMU DEV Hub Beta 2.0

5. Allows You to White Label your WP websites

The facility for white labeling your WordPress webpages will mean, that you longer have to necessarily use the WordPress logo, color scheme or specified url. You can customize all of this according to your will.

White labelling WPMU DEV Hub Beta 2.0

Still Wondering Whether You Should Sign in For Membership to the WPMU DEV Hub Beta 2.0?

Of course, you should! There’s no reason not to. If you are an entrepreneur using your WP webpage to drive profit to your business or monetize the content you provide – you will need a feature-rich webpage that attracts a crowd. The WPMU DEV and its Hub Beta 2.0 allows you to do just that.

You can now design your website more uniquely, run your necessary website updates and help it perform better overall with the WPMU DEV Hub Beta 2.0. WordPress is working to make The Hub better optimized for mobile devices as well. There’s really little that is left to want for, in terms of developing an effective WordPress website, with WP’s the Hub Beta 2.0.