How To Leverage Social Media For E-Commerce

E-commerce is an industry with many moving parts and for those who truly want to succeed, making use of all of those parts would be highly recommended. With that said, making use of social media to drive traffic, gain traction, increase exposure, and more is a must-do for e-commerce businesses, especially those that are having trouble getting enough website traffic.

Social media marketing

Using social media to sell products, promote subscription services, and generally provide the very best in marketing solutions, you are exposing your online store to literally billions of potential users. Of course, even if you can get just a fraction of those users, you would be making a pretty penny. This is why it helps to understand just what kind of role social media can play in increasing profits for the online business venture that you are running.

Driving Traffic

One of the biggest boons that come with leveraging social media is the traffic that you can get. As already said, billions of users are on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Your first move, therefore, would be to use social networks to get the kind of traffic numbers that you might be looking for.

While buying traffic might get you good results, you would still be better off producing sustained visitors from organic sources. This is what social media can be. To that end, you need to run the kinds of campaigns that will funnel convertible traffic to your site.

Customer Service

Social media is also where a lot of shoppers gather to get information, find the latest trends, and even discuss their purchasing activities. As such, having a presence on social media where customers can just reach out to you would be advised. Not only will it be much easier for you to respond to their needs, but you will also provide them with the excuse to actually get in touch.


Branding is very important in e-commerce since people need to know about your business and what it offers before they even consider buying anything you are selling. Having a presence on social medial alone and with the right campaigns will basically make you into a fixture that will be easier for users to accept.

This is how you will be winning traffic that you can then convert.

Increasing online sales using social media

Persistent Exposure

One of the biggest advantages of social media is the fact that it is always being updated and users are always aware of this fact. For every second of every day, new posts are flowing, along with comments, shared contents, and more. With this being the case, it is much easier for you to remain relevant when you keep posting on social media.

This goes for promotional campaigns, new discounts, seasonal sales, and so much more. If you have new products on offer or exciting announcements to make, it would be much easier to do so on social media. Naturally, you would need to grow your following first so that you will be able to take full advantage of this fact. At the very least, you would not need to buy worldwide traffic if you can easily tap into the global social network circuit.

Deeper Connections

Since social media networks are where the people are, it makes sense that it would be where you will be able to connect with them. There is a reason why companies make an effort to humanize their products are services, which is all about building that bond with buyers. The more that your visitors feel like they can trust you, the more they will use your services.

Social media is perfect for appearing relatable and accessible. When you engage with them, either via messenger, comments, or better yet, video or live stream, they will have a much better impression of what you have to offer. Marketing campaigns will then become more successful.

Fashion influencer promoting a shirt


Finally, there are the social media influencers that can help make your social media efforts a resounding success. The idea is simple enough where you turn to users who have amassed a sizeable following and where you would then have them use that power to your advantage. They would promote your products, your services, and your business through a wide variety of methods.

As for how you are going to do this, there are a few options available to you. One of them is to simply be a direct sponsor where you will be paying influencers to talk about your offers. You could also send them free samples of the products you are selling for review or impressions.

It is even possible to provide them with a lucrative deal such as a partnership where they earn money every time customers click on a link. The options are endless and opportunities are plenty.