Doug Healy Discusses 5 Reasons Why A Gradual Approach To Renewable Energy Is Best

Switching to renewable energy is a fantastic approach for businesses and consumers, but everyone has their own take on the process. Plus, everyone has their own resources that can be used to make the switch.

You must assess the situation you are currently in, decide how you would like to make the change, and choose a gradual approach that makes sense. You can become a clean and renewable energy pioneer, but you still need to move slowly so that you can get it done right the first time.

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1. Money

Doug Healy recommends that you make the switch to renewable energy slowly because it can be costly. You will need to add solar panels and wind turbines around your property. You need to have everything installed by an expert, and you also need to work with professionals who can maintain these systems.

When you are planning to make the switch, you might also be eligible for tax credits and rebates at the end of the year. Doing everything quickly does not improve your tax situation overnight. However, doing many small projects throughout the course of one or two years can make a big difference. You will also start making money from the excess energy that you have created. You may need to invest in new appliances, and you need to be prepared to have another professional install each of these items.

2. You Must Change Your Habits

It takes time to change your energy consumption habits, and you may need some time to adjust. When you make the change, you will want to be most conservative in your use of energy even though it is renewable. You might also change over to electric appliances that will be cheaper to run.

When you are working with your family to change how you consume energy, you might also want to make additional modifications to the property. Some people will add a solar water pump and have a well dug. Some companies might do the same thing, or they might build a dam on a tiny body of water that is near their business. This costs money, but the flow of water also changes.

3. You Can Change Your Image

If you manage a business that wants to use renewable energy, you are changing your business model over time. You are changing your image, and you might start selling yourself as a proponent of clean energy. The problem, however, is that you need to start using this selling point all the time.

A business will need to change how it approaches customers, and you might also market yourself differently in the community. You can say that you are focusing on renewable energy, and you can start posting videos and pictures of the changes that have been made to your facility.

If you are doing this to your personal home, you might need to work with the local HOA or board to make sure that you can add solar panels, build a wind turbine, and do other things that will help make the house more efficient. You might become known for using renewable energy, and you might inspire others. Plus, it may take some time to clear your land to add more solar panels or to switch the house over to well water. Private citizens simply cannot do this overnight.

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4. Living Off The Grid Takes A Little Time To Learn

You will learn to use renewable energy fairly quickly, but you might have plans to live “off the grid” once you have made these changes. You might live in society as normal, but you might plan to not use municipal services at all. This means that you need to learn how to maintain the systems in your home or commercial facility. You need to know how much energy you need to collect to remain self-sufficient, and you need some time to set up your net metering accounts.

Once you know how to live “off the grid”, you will be very comfortable using renewable energy every day. Making the change overnight could lead to problems if you overuse the system or do not know who to call when you need service. Doug Healy recommends that you make wise choices when you learn how to use these systems. You need to get used to how everything works when you do not have a constant flow of energy pummeling the house, and you also need to learn how to check on these systems on your own.

5. You Will Change Your Workflow

When you make the change to renewable energy, you might need to change the workflow of your business. Yes, you can use batteries to store solar energy, but you might want to operate with the natural rhythms of the earth. This means that your business opens when the sun is out, shuts down when the sun goes down, and changes hours when daylight savings time takes over.

You can teach your employees to achieve a certain level of productivity based on the amount of energy your business can collect, and they will continue to meet those goals over time. As you expand your business, you might need to add more solar panels or wind turbines. You can slowly change your workflow, and everyone that works for you will grow accustomed to this workflow over time.

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Work With Local Professionals To Switch To Renewable Energy Today

When you are ready to switch over to renewable energy, you need to make sure that you have come up with a plan that will help you change over gradually. You need to get used to using these new systems, and you need to save the money needed to pay for all these systems.

While it can be a complex process, you will feel much better knowing that you can use renewable energy, go “off the grid”, and save money. Your company can change its workflow, and your family can learn how to use these systems as you go.