10 High Paying Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree In the UK

Formal education isn’t the only way to get ahead in life. The world’s richest people don’t have degrees, and that didn’t prevent them from becoming millionaires.

High paying jobs without any university degrees

So, if you don’t want to study further, it’s not an issue. Studying for a degree doesn’t guarantee a job, let alone a well-paid job.

Moreover, increasing tuition fees and student loan repayments are the major roadblocks that discourage students from studying further. Fortunately, you can get high-paying jobs in the UK without a formal degree.

If university life isn’t for you or if you want a career change, here is a list of high-paying career options.

1. Accountant

The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) qualification is the minimum requirement to become an entry-level accountant. Some employers prefer a degree along with additional accountancy courses, but an AAT qualification is sufficient for most firms. However, you can obtain further qualifications like an ACCA or CIMA to get better opportunities and pay.

Accountants are always in demand in the UK and will earn you approximately £30,000 to £90,000 annually.

2. Air Traffic Controller

Managing sky traffic has the potential to pocket up to £50k per year. All you need is three years’ training and GCSE qualification to obtain an air traffic controller licence.

Apart from that, you should have a focus like an eagle. Being distracted for even a second may cause accidents in this role.

Hello Kitty Eva Air flight attendant
photo credit: Yahoo Finance Canada / Flickr

3. Cabin Crew Member

To become a crew member, you need a few weeks of training and GCSE qualification. The ability to speak a second language is also preferred. This is an amazing career for people who love travelling and meeting people.

Not only you’ll travel the world, but also get paid for it. Once you’re ready to become a cabin crew member, expect a starting salary between £15k to £18k annually.

4. Entrepreneur

This is the most popular career path chosen by people with no formal education, let alone a degree. Working for yourself is the most flexible job.

All you need is a solid business plan, dedication, and drive. Having a successful business is probably the most promising career.

What’s more exciting than being your boss and reaping your gains?

Firefighter on duty

5. Firefighter

What’s a cooler job title than a firefighter? It’s also the most rewarding and humanitarian career. Becoming a firefighter allows you to save lives and properties.

To qualify as a firefighter, you must undergo specific training and examinations. Bear in mind, this career isn’t suitable for the fainthearted.

6. Police Official

If you’re interested in becoming a police officer, the lack of a degree isn’t a major limitation. It’s a very stressful and risky job, but also a respectable one.

Police officer salaries in the UK start around £20k rising to £40k approximately.

7. Construction Manager

Another lucrative job is of a construction manager. You can get a professional degree for this role, but it isn’t necessary.

All it requires from you is good leadership and communication skills with the ability to work on-site under any weather.

8. Sales Manager

Sales managers are the spine of a company. They design and implement strategic sales plans for a company or a team. For this, you need innovative thinking, the ability to forecast sales results alongside leadership qualities.

Apart from that, you’ll also recruit and coach potential sales representatives. Some companies prefer candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree. But with enough experience in the field, you won’t need a formal degree to get ahead.

Fashion marketer on the job

9. Marketer

If you are creative and analytical, marketing is a suitable industry for you. A marketing degree isn’t essential for working as a marketer.

You just need experience and certain skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, understanding of analytics, and creativity.

An entry-level position in the marketing field will earn you approximately £24k per year. As your career progresses, you may earn up to £60k.

10. Estate Agent

Estate agents assist people in selling their houses or apartments. Except for good communication skills, no formal qualifications are required.

However, you should have a driving licence and a car as you’ll spend most of your time driving around the city and selling houses.

You can earn up to £50k to £100k per year if you’ve spent considerable years in the field.