Best Appliance Repair Companies in San Francisco

Nowadays, life became so much easier with various domestic appliances available for everyone. Sometimes, people underestimate it and even take it for granted. However, everything changes right at the moment when some device breaks down. The very first question that arises is “Who can repair it ASAP and for a long time?”

Appliance repair service
photo credit: Sanyo Klima Servisi / Flickr

Luckily, there are a lot of appliance companies in San Francisco, but one of them, Prime Appliance Repair, definitely stands out of the crowd.

What’s So Special About It?

Well, the list of advantages that you can enjoy if you ask Prime Appliance Repair for help is rather impressive. Nevertheless, the following ones are mandatory to mention:

1. An exclusive loyalty program: Anyone can become a member of this program and get a 20% discount on any repair service, ask for diagnostics for no cost, and get tech support in case of DIY repair. BTW, it cost just $75 per year, without an additional fee.

2. The company has offices in more than 60 cities: You can check if you are a citizen in one of them and join other happy clients.

3. Discount for online booking: You can save up to 25% of the price you pay if you just book the repair services on the website. Moreover, after registering, you can always check special offers and use personal discounts.

4. The company’s specialists provide both residential and commercial services – and take care of the most essential appliances like refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, HVACs, etc. of diverse brands and configuration.

Need a Professional Repair? Call Right Now!

Prime Appliance Repair is ready to help you from 7 am till 8 pm every day, without days off. If you have some questions to ask, you can contact a support representative via phone, email, or online chat. Remember about an additional discount for online booking.

If you want your appliance to serve for long, turn to professionals and get a 6 months warranty on the services provided by Prime Appliance.