How To Integrate Video Into Your Blog To Increase Engagement Rates And Conversions

We are living in an era of information overload. The internet is a powerhouse of data, stories, statistics, memes, articles, pictures, clips, and anything else you can think of. With so much information flying around, sometimes we can get a bit overwhelmed… and visitors to your blog can too.

Internet marketers know that every day is a battle for customer attention. Video is a way to grab your customer’s attention in a split second and keep it, making them more likely to engage and convert. So, if you’re not using video on your blog, you’re missing out on a lot of engagement opportunities.

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Why Video?

Being constantly inundated with facts, news, and updates has definitely taken its toll. People’s attention spans have shortened, and they want their info in small, bite-sized pieces that they can consume quickly. And boy, are they hungry for content.

This is where video comes in. Video has the ability to convey a variety of messages, from very simple to complex, in an easy-to-understand and fun way. Using video as a medium in your blog can go far beyond engagement and can increase your conversion rates too.

Give the People What They Want

Video content is the new standard when it comes to telling your story and it’s only growing from here. A 2019 study found that by 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video traffic.

With the growth of 5G and the widespread use of mobile devices and smartphones, video is more prevalent than ever in marketing.

The moral of the story? Don’t miss this great opportunity to integrate video into your overall marketing strategy. And your blog is the best place to start.

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Short Webinars, Demos, & Tutorials

Using video to explain a product or service is a real gamechanger. Technology now allows us to be in the same room with our customers, walking them through product specs, issues they encounter, or benefits that we want to share. Despite being on the other side of the globe, video allows us to add a personal touch to our brands.

1. Demos & Tutorials

Once customers can see an unboxing video of a product or a short demo video to get an idea of how a product works, they’re much more likely to invest in the product themselves. If the product is more complicated, a tutorial video might be just what they need to make a purchase decision.

The truth is that at least 65% of the population are visual learners, making video an extremely potent marketing tool that educates as it entertains. The good news is this is even easier now thanks to a wide variety of simple and inexpensive screen casting tools available online.

2. Webinars

This doesn’t only just work for products, if you offer services on your blog, short webinars can be just as persuasive. Video-based explainer videos not only share your vision and benefits you can offer consumers, but they also allow people to get to know you a little better at the same time.

Client testimonials and references

Testimonials & Reviews

Hearing success stories from others is one of the most compelling marketing strategies out there. When you’ve seen a product or service work for someone like you, it’s not a far leap to imagine it will work for you too.

A great way to employ video on your blog is to interview prior (or repeat) customers on a short video clip. Showcasing your fan club and allowing customers to post video reviews can be an incredibly influential tool to build a loyal following and boost conversions as well.

Landing Pages

Introducing your brand to potential customers has never been easier than with a cleverly placed video on a landing page. These videos can be anything from an explainer video to a video testimonial and beyond. Just one click from a visitor is all it takes to get their attention and also to improve your site’s bounce rate.

Landing pages with videos convert around 800% better than pages without. Video is also able to achieve what text and images simply can’t. It’s an authentic way for you and your brand to reach your clients and customers.

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Tips & Tricks

Creating and embedding videos has never been easier thanks to WordPress, YouTube, and Creator Studio. With just a few clicks you can add others’ video content or your own to your blog in no time at all. If you decide to make your own videos, here are a few tricks to help you get started.

1. Use high-quality stock footage

What’s that? You’re camera-shy? Relax, you don’t have to be a professional to make a great video. Some of the best marketing videos out there don’t even have a live person on-screen. A great alternative to filming yourself (or your unwilling staff) is using stock footage.

You have a great product, a clear message, and an endearing backstory. Showcase it all in a professional way with clean, expert-looking stock video footage.

2. Video Summaries

Combining video with an expanded written article is an extremely effective way to get your point across, tell your story, or acquaint a visitor with a new product. Anything worth writing a blog post about is worth making a short explanatory video for too.

A compelling video is a great hook to get visitors interested in your message and if it strikes a chord, they’ll read the full article for more in-depth content. Another tactic that bloggers use is to simply post the transcript of the video. This is a real timesaver too because, that way, you’ll only have to write the script, film your video, and then post both.

3. Keep videos short and sweet

You’re not a director or film producer, you’re a storyteller. Keep in mind that videos are meant to capture a moment, convey information, and showcase your brand, not win an Oscar. Shakespeare said that ‘brevity is the soul of wit’ and he wasn’t wrong.

Adding subtitles to your videos has also proven to be extremely beneficial for consumer engagement. Mobile users scroll through videos on their phones, usually with no sound, so getting them hooked with a great opening line will be sure to keep them watching, commenting, and converting.

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Sharing Your Story

As you can see, there are many effective ways to incorporate video into your blog for some real results. The main takeaway here is to start integrating video in a natural, concise, and authentic way.

Integrating videos into your blog is one of the best ways to build trust with your clientele, thus improving your long-term engagement and conversion rate in the long run.