5 Tips To Help Managers Prepare For Their Business Trip

Even with the advancement of Information and Communication Technology and videoconferences, there comes a time when business travel is more than fundamental. Nothing replaces the face-to-face meeting to close deals, prospect customers, sign partners and distributors. Also, this is a great way to make new contacts at fairs and forums.

Business travel during pandemic

For the manager to better enjoy the trips, he must follow some important tips. Have you traveled on business before? Check out at least five tips that we have separated to help you prepare for them!

Be self-sufficient

Even if the manager is invited by a partner, customer or head office of the company (if it is a multinational), he mustn’t leave everything for the host to do and organize. That is, the manager must take care of the preparations, book the hotel, and buy air tickets, among others. However, if the person who welcomes you insists on making all the arrangements, this should be gladly accepted, since he will probably look for hotels in places with better access for both.

Be careful when choosing hotels

Generally, companies have a specific travel department or a professional responsible for reservations. However, it is still important to pay attention to the details. For example, many hotels have special rooms for executives, with a good structure that has an area for installing notebooks and tablets, complete business centers and a conference-enabled telephone.

The manager must always ensure that the room where he will stay has this infrastructure.

Study the culture of the destination

If the business trip is to another country, it is very important to study the culture of the destination, since each country has its specificities. Some people, for example, are more talkative and friendly, while others are quieter and cooler.

Details such as dress, language, traits and hierarchy directly influence the way of doing a business, being able to distance or approach the parties involved. Because of this, the manager must have a good preparation, with a lot of study and research, so as not to make any mistakes during the stay.

Business partners traveling together

Think about logistics

If the manager takes a long trip, he must plan to arrive the day before the meeting, because, thus, he will be rested and more presentable and will not be in danger of being late. If it is not possible to arrive the day before, he must value flights that give enough time to reach the appointment without haste. In such cases, the best option is to hire a transport service, since the driver will be able to take the guest to the meeting place quickly and safely. The luggage should be prepared properly and based on our experience, luggage Canada is one of the best choices.

Control expenses very well

The manager must keep in mind that, in most cases, he will have to account for travel expenses to the boss. Therefore, it is essential to make a plan for expenses, always requesting receipts and invoices and noting in them what refers to expenses. This will make it easier to justify them when you return. Furthermore, it is essential to be careful with the hotel’s room service and the minibar, as they can be much more expensive than planned.

We hope these tips can help you in your next business trips!