Best Services To Help You Open Your LLC In Texas

Which LLC formation service offers the best features at the most affordable prices? We will compare prices, services offered and the degree of customer support.

Starting a business is not always as straightforward as one would think, and making use of an LLC formation service might just be necessary to help speed up the formation process. Yet, out of all the services available online, how would you know which LLC service is best suited for your needs?

Here we will discuss and compare the top 5 LLC formation services online that aspiring business owners can choose from to help them form their LLC in Texas.

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ZenBusiness is one of the top LLC service providers online. ZenBusiness offers LLC formation packages from $39 (plus state fees) for a large number of features. All their packages include registered agent services, a free operating agreement and also a free CPA assessment to keep track of a company’s financial status and money flow.

The ZenBusiness Pro includes an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a worry free compliance guarantee and a domain name registration, while ZenBusiness Premium, which costs $249 (plus state fees), includes much more like a business email address, website and domain privacy.

It’s said that ZenBusiness have outstanding customer services and comprehensive LLC formation deals, very affordable and competitive prices and easy to follow plans to assist potential business owners in forming their LLC.


LegalZoom is one of the most well-known LLC formation services online and is recognized for their full legal services beyond the formation of an LLC. Their basic package starts at $79 (plus state fees) and includes registered agents services for 1 year at $159 extra, an Operating Agreement for an extra $99, and bundled with an EIN for an extra $159 and free annual compliance for 1 month after which it will cost $320 per year.

LegalZoom’s top-tier package also includes advisory services, free for the first month and $39.99 per month after that. One of their top features is a Business Advisory Plan, which includes tax advice, attorney assistance and legal documents and templates.

LegalZoom is relatively more expensive than its competitors, yet still one of the top formation services in the US due to their branding power and capabilities.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is also one of the top LLC formation services available online. They have high-quality customer support structures and are especially equipped to assist an LLC that requires ongoing legal advice.

Rocket Lawyer uses a subscription-based model for providing ongoing legal services, where premium members are afforded more comprehensive legal documentation and advice. Their formation packages start at $349.99 and include free incorporation services, registered agent services for a year and legal services for a year.

Their legal services include 30-minute consultations for every new legal issue, legal documents and contacts and high-quality legal advice from real lawyers that goes beyond simply forming an LLC.


IncFile, like ZenBusiness, offers great value for their most basic LLC formation package. Called their Silver Package, IncFile offers 1 year registered agent services and a lifetime of compliance alerts, all at no cost to business owners aside from the required state filing fees. It will cost an additional $40 for an Operating Agreement. IncFile’s Gold Package, which costs $149 (plus state fees), further includes an Operating Agreement, banking resolutions and an EIN while their Platinum Package, at $249 (plus state fees), includes a free business website and domain name, contract templates and expedited filing of formation forms.

IncFile is one of the best LLC formation services for those with limited finances or certain financial constraints.


Northwest offers all the essential services required to form an LLC. their basic package starts at $49 (plus state fees) and includes free registered agents services for 1 year, after which it will cost $125 per year, an EIN and annual compliance assistance.

Northwest’s middle and top-tier packages include an Operating Agreement and also advice from Corporate Guides. Northwest’s Corporate Guides provides elite customer services where knowledgeable professionals can get top-quality legal and business advice for a fraction of what a business attorney would cost.

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Choosing one of the 5

Some of the best LLC formation services offer additional features such as providing legal and tax advice, while others, like ZenBusiness, are better suited for small businesses, and Rocket Lawyer one of the top choices for business in need of legal advice. Choosing which LLC formation service is best suited for your business is all about knowing what kind of assistance is needed when forming an LLC.

To find out more about how these LLC services can assist you in forming your business in Texas, you can visit TRUiC’s website, where they offer their users exclusive deals for the LLC service packages identified in our list of top 5 LLC services online.