Haj Gueye of Maison de Haj: The house’s Core Values and Why Going the Extra Mile for Clients is in The Company DNA

The legacy of global fashion enterprise Maison de Haj goes beyond the craftsmanship seen in the bespoke suits and garments it creates. For Chief Creative Officer Haj Gueye, it is about their connection to the people they work with. The third-generation tailor, who was born in Senegal and raised in France, has designed suits for some of the world’s most renowned individuals, from dignitaries and political leaders to artists and entertainers. For over 30 years, Haj has been helping people discover the power of their impactful presence.

Haj Gueye
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Behind the success of Maison de Haj are its core values. “The client relationship is paramount,” Haj Gueye explains. “Next comes the impactful presence–helping create one’s best self.” This allows Haj and his team to see beyond the physical traits and effectively work with the client. Finding the right fabric, color, texture, and fit that will bring out the client’s best traits is paramount to the process. All these elements coming together will bring out one’s impactful presence that will elevate their look and stance as they go out into the world.

“The third core value is about adapting a socially-conscious mindset, and the last is about optimism,” Haj Gueye explains. With all the events shaping the world today, Maison de Haj is dedicated to addressing the key issues and conduct its business in a way that will bring significant change to society. Haj believes embracing optimism remains crucial. During these times, the stylist-designer understands the importance of spreading positivity. “When you are happy and confident, you will radiate the same energy with others. And in the current situation, this can truly uplift another person,” he shares.

Haj continues, “At Maison de Haj, it’s not about a transaction. We go the extra mile for the client because when you are passionate about the product, you cannot rest until everything is exactly as it should be, and the client is as excited as we are. When your client is thrilled with their wardrobe, they want to tell people about their experience, and that referral system is the vine that grows the business.” For Haj Gueye, he draws inspiration from seeing people come into their own. When they elevate their style, they gain an authority that enables them to live out their passion and their purpose.

Maison de Haj
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“I will say, when you have a client relationship, it’s not about spending on the client, it is investing in the client and the relationship. There are times when I have taken on the cost to correct a perceived issue. I don’t look at it as a loss, but rather the necessary cost of earning the client’s trust.” Haj Gueye elaborates, “When a business owner makes a single client into a referral base, it will pay you back a hundred-fold. I believe the most impactful investment a business owner can make is in growing the client relationship and the resulting referral system. That provides a lifetime of value. Thinking about it in any other way is short-sighted.”

Throughout his career in fashion, Haj Gueye has shared his expertise to mentor the younger generation and has elevated the style of up-and-coming leaders to help them take their place in their respective communities. Going the extra mile for them and providing them with the best has been indeed a rewarding experience for everyone at Maison de Haj. With a smile, Haj concludes, “At the end of the day, I am inspired by the satisfaction and happiness of my clients and how they feel more elevated and impactful in their endeavors. Hearing all of the wonderful feedback from the clients gives me the motivation to do my best each day.”