11 Ways to Save Money on your Smartphone Bill

Smartphone bills form a significant portion of the entire monthly budget. Researchers suggest that the average monthly bill can accrue even more than $150. After putting aside your monthly housing, utility, and grocery cost, phone bills might be the next expensive bill in the entire budget.

Reducing your smartphone bills

Are there things that you can do to lower your smartphone bill? There are millions of various cellular service providers and a considerable number of plans available. It is overwhelming to try to check over all the options to save your money. But I guess it is possible to save the bills.

If you are fed up with plan subscription fees to make calls, text, and data, you can try tips to lower your cell phone bill.

Get a plan that suits you the best

Everybody uses their smartphones differently. Some people only keep them for emergencies while others use them several times a day, or even the whole day. Ensure that you analyse the smartphone plans currently available for you and choose the features you actually need.

When exploring phone plans, make sure that you think about the number of minutes you’ll be spending while talking on the phone, the number of text messages you usually sent, and the average amount of data you use in a single month.

Family plan

Cellular providers nowadays offer family plans as one of the ways to decrease your monthly cell bill. You don’t require someone who is blood-related with you in order to join the family plan. You can enter your landlord’s plan, your friends’ plan, or any family members’ plan.

Registering a family plan can save you cash in many ways, and the overall cost per person usually decreases as other members are added to the plan.

Ask for a discount

You can work for a firm that provides discounts on smartphone plans. You can ask the company human resources department to check out if you qualify for a discount since it may not be advertised publicly. Many firms provide discounts of 25% to 30% of which encourage saving.


Negotiate your monthly plan

Many people do not know that their mobile bill is negotiable in many cases. You can talk to your company before you sign a contract or upon expiration the contract to develop an affordable plan for you. Nowadays, many cellular providers are willing to work with their clients because there are many competing options in the industry. Even you can consider switching to another company because they offer some excellent incentives for their new clients.

Don’t allow SMS to take you away

SMS has become popular and continues to build its reputation every day. Let’s be honest; sometimes, it is easier to text someone rather than calling. But remember that a call conversation that could take 5 minutes can take longer through texting and chewing up your credit and time. Texting can be easy, but at the same time, it is costly.

Break out of the mold

Smartphone users tend to go to big companies when choosing the cell phone plan to purchase. Nowadays, new companies are entering the market that can save you a lot of money. The prepaid plans that you can get allow you to pay only for the service that you use as you use them. Cellular providers that primarily use Wi-Fi networks can be cheap.

Connect to Wi-Fi when you can

Ensure that you connect to Wi-Fi whenever available, especially at work, school, or home. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, be smart about it; ensure that you don’t download or stream HD movies, play music, or podcast unless you are on Wi-Fi. The chargers for using a lot of data can accumulate quickly, and some cellular providers charge as much as $15 per GB.

Ensure that you stay in your monthly limit by only switching to your cellular data when you require it. Some companies will give you a warning when you are getting close to your data limit. Ensure that you subscribe to such alerts.

Switch off the background usage

If you’re not using the internet in your iPhone 11, your apps might still be using it in the background. Be sure to go to your phone’s settings and check on the cellular data usage and background app. Refresh each apps and switch off the ones that you are not using. By doing this, you’ll be able to know that the apps are not running in the background and draining your data bundles.

Combine plans

You can add new deals to the initial plan to lower the monthly payment. Combine two different cell phone plans and save you the cash.

Avoid cancelling your phone contract.

After you cancel your smartphone contract, you can suffer from outrageous charges. Fortunately, various websites can save you if you want to quit a particular deal. Basically, these websites will help you by bringing together folks who wish to cancel their contract or those looking for a phone contract.

Cut your insurance

Suppose you are paying $11 a month for your phone insurance this will sum up two extra $132 per year that you spend to cover if something happens to your smartphone. Instead, you can set aside a small amount of money every month so that you can pay for phone replacement in case you need it.

When trying to improve your monthly budget, it is crucial to find a way to control expenses. You want to cut altogether some conveniences, perhaps cable TV or subscription video on demand sites. Yet you can’t cut all your expenditure from your life.

Just because you can’t do away with all your living expenses, such as smartphone bills, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Lowering your smartphone bill’s monthly premiums can help you gather more money to put towards your financial goals. You can opt to repeat this process in all other areas in your budget, and these more changes can sum up to something exciting with time.