6 Imperative Tips to Increase WI-Fi Speed in Your Workplace

Despite the vast advancements in technology, we can still find lags and problems in the current infrastructures that make running a business problematic. And one of the primary issues of the vastly internet-dependent generation is slow or unstable WIFI signals.


Slow Wi-Fi signals can create much trouble and inconsistencies when vital work is being progressed in a firm. For this reason, taking precautions and making updates is necessary before commencing any work.

Slow connections can be frustrating and break the flow of efficient work and development of a firm. For this reason, the below-mentioned tips on better WIFI signals can work best for any company and workplace:

Efficiently Place the Router

The router is the mother of all Wi-Fi signals a place can receive, yet most people make its place in scarce dwellings and out of reach areas. Situating your router at an unfavorable location can make it underperform than its capacity and send out low signals. The router needs to be placed at an auspicious location where there isn’t a cluster of other metals and infrastructures to congest the outgoing signals.

Moreover, your system should be placed in a clear enough view that helps the signals run wild in the workplace. According to your intuitions, the router placed in a closed-up space could be the exact problem why it’s giving lower connections. So make sure to set the system where everyone can view it, and the area is clear of any hindrances to run it smoothly.

Identify Cold and Hot Spots

Sometimes, the problem is not due to the router’s bad placement; many times, the router isn’t strong enough to provide Wi-Fi singles to each and every floor and corners of the office. So the areas where there is an abundance of signals for efficient and smoothly flowing work are called the hot spots, and those unlucky employees seated in vast corners and upper floors are in the cold spots where the signals are scarce.

This problem can be solved by either getting more lines from the router or investing in a Wi-Fi extender. An extender can be your best bet as they are wireless, compact, and provide an instant flow of Wi-Fi. You can read more here about a good enough Wi-Fi extender, the Rangextd.

Secure the Signal

Wavering signals of the internet that used to be superior before can be due to security breaches on bandwidth in your organization. When a lot more of traffic is using the same network for the internet, the system can get slow as high bandwidth is castoff.

Wi-Fi hackers are present everywhere and past employees who may freeload from your network from time to time. For this reason, updating and securing the passwords with difficult ones can be a countermeasure. However, if there is no password at all, you must immediately create one and lead the parasites away from the network to run it efficiently.

Wireless router

Hold the Router High Enough

Running a firm isn’t easy work, and having operations operate thoroughly can be difficult with faulty Wi-Fi connections. Hence, if things happen to make the signals show up, you must be ready to make amends so that the workflow isn’t affected.

Make sure to adjust the router to a better height that it supplies the network to all nearby and faraway computers and other devices. So when it’s a higher space like a ceiling of the room, the signals can become more assertive and spread out better without any distractions and interruptions.

Provide Different Routers for Different Tasks

If all fails measures to resurrect your router and WIFI signals to perform the best or give out signals to the furthest, maybe it’s better to invest in a couple more routers. In the instance that the workplace includes several rooms and levels, the walls and barriers in between can stop the signals from spreading uniformly.

You can set one or two more routers or Wi-Fi extenders in different places for this purpose.

Go For Better Technology

No matter the problem, if your connections do not come to play after all the work you put in, then maybe it’s time to upgrade the system for good. Hence you can start looking into better methods for contemplating the worn-out arrangement and making the workplace flourish with internet signals again.

You can further implement the latest devices that help your signals reach more places and provide the best performance.