Global Stocks Fall vs. Bitcoin Rise

Global stocks are continuously falling, but the price and value of Bitcoin are constantly increasing, due to pressure from some fading investors. US agreement comes next month, which is also the month of elections and everyone is looking closely at this time as another important aspect. The reason is coming back of Covid-19 again and increasing the cases all over the world.

Bitcoin vs. the stock market

Global stocks in the European market

Shares of the European market FTSE 100, DAX and CAC40 fell more than 2.5% due to a negative session in Asia, as in the compound falls of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The French multinational hospitality company Accor fell more than 5%, on the other hand, the German Lufthansa lost more than 5% The Norwegian Nel Ase fell more than 6.5%.

Since recent weeks, cases of Covid-19 are increasing in Europe and the French government imposes curfews in Paris and other cities, as well as in the United Kingdom, it implements restrictions in several places of movement in the country, including London.

Bitcoin in the European market

In Europe, due to a sharp rise in covid-19, which has added to the mood for pessimistic quarterly earnings for the two biggest Wall Street banks disappointingly, and showed the possibility of losing on Wall Street as well.

The bitcoin market seems safer than other stocks there for investors and retail traders investing in Bitcoin, making its demand higher than ever. Bitcoin can be sold and purchased, you can learn about it’s trade in Europe from the most trusted site of Europe Bitcoin Champion trading software.

US Stocks fall

US futures retreated last week after the second wave of Covid-19 cases broke out and further restrictions in Europe and around the world. Negotiations on financial aid for struggling workers and businesses in Washington remained stagnant.

Nasdaq futures fell more than 1.8%, S&P 500 and Dow futures fell more than 1%, Germany’s Dax fell more than 3%, the FTSE 100 lost more than 2.4% in London and the French CAC 40 decreased 2.5%

Another important stimulus package for the US economy that has failed to produce results is the long negotiation between Republicans and Democrats, and it does not seem possible to reach a compromise before the November and presidential election.

Bitcoin in the US market

The stock market crash and daily losses is the main reason for the increase in the value and price of bitcoin and its demand, investors now consider Bitcoin a very safe investment and a profitable asset.

A tax deal said by US Treasury Secretary Munchin will be approved before November and the presidential elections.

At this point, getting something done before the election and executing it would be difficult, just given the level of detail we are at, “he told a Milken Institute conference.

Jim Reid, a strategist at Deutsche Bank, said:

“Yesterday the bottle was a bit half empty, global stock markets pulled back a bit, weighed the look of endless US trading with a series of profitable releases.”


Asia Stock Exchange

The Asian market fell moderately after the decline of Wall Street and Washington is going through very badly needed aid for the economy before the elections now the market is focusing on US aid amid the global uncertainty of the continuing economic damage from the Covid pandemic.

It has hit and slowed the growth of the economy with unemployment and hampered trade along with business closures and tourism industry shut down.

Like investors and traders in other markets, Asians are now investing in Bitcoin and participating in the Bitcoin boom, which is attracting more and more people.

Bitcoin in the Asian market

As some successful Bitcoin industry entrepreneurs predicted, Asian countries will lead the digital currency in 2020.

This market went through the same ups and downs as other major markets from the start, although Bitcoin showed real prospects during this period.

The profit levels they made from Bitcoin by some investors and market gurus and managed to get international attention.

Many of them now compete with each other in the crypto markets, to lead the Bitcoin market in the front line.

They have focused on proper regulation and regulation for digital currencies and their central banks have stepped forward to plan the launch of their own national digital currency.