Record-Breaking Bitcoin Trading Dominance

Bitcoin has been used as a very well reputed cryptocurrency for online trading. It has been used as a quick and safe mode of currency transfer via online forums. Recently, Bitcoins have touched its trading dominance heights that have never been seen since the year 2017 which is almost 20,000 US dollars.

Bitcoin prices surge

There was a time when Bitcoin Cryptocurrency was at its heights but then due to some uncertain and unknown situations, it started facing some downtimes. But that time has ended now. The online trading market of cryptocurrency is getting back to Bitcoins after a wave of the declining slope which was the period of DeFi or decentralized finance frenzy that lasted for months. Earlier this month the market was generally going through a dominance that was below 60 percent but in comparison to that Bitcoin trading jumped to its highest when its price reached around 20,000 Us dollars. This upward shift was last seen in the year 2017.

As the rates of Bitcoins reached its peak value of trading dominance the rates of all other cryptocurrencies remained static. This was seen that cryptocurrencies like Ether, altcoins, etc were nowhere near this spike in the same duration of time. All of this can be observed through bitcoin digital and stuff.

The reason behind the underperformance of Altcoins

In the time duration of July till the early days of September, the trading value of bitcoin kept on going up continuously. This turning over of trading dominance to bitcoins caused an outperformance of ETH. Thus the pace was formed and the trading market turned to Bitcoins.


In August, it was seen that the DeFi tokens raised suddenly. This increase was nearly around 5-20 folds of the usual. This increase drove the trade crazy concerning altcoins.

But as soon as the value of the Bitcoins started increasing quickly, it was suspected that this will lead to a down-sloping of the altcoins or other Cryptocurrency. These profits and gains in the cryptocurrency work in a cyclic manner and keep on jumping from Bitcoins to altcoins and vice versa.

This fact was well stated by the CEO of Three Arrows Capital Mr. Su Zhu. He said that The increasing trade value of bitcoins with such a speed is a Bearish for altcoins. He said that money and currency is a game of coordination. He said that Bitcoin is actually the Schelling Point irrespective of how you see it.

The trading data of Huobi also showed less or more the same trend. The exchange of Huobi showed that it has around a total of 1.1 percent of bitcoins present in its offline wallet. A cold wallet is actually a type of cryptocurrency wallet. The best thing about this is that this can never be compromised and the reason behind this is that it has no online connections. This is sometimes called the cold wallet or the hardware and offline wallet. This has been the major exchange around the globe when you talk regarding the cryptocurrencies that include many currencies other than Binance, OKEx, etc.

How does this relate to Bitcoins?

When you see in comparison to the US dollars, it can be seen that in the early days of this month especially in the last 13 days the value of Bitcoins has been raised to a great extent. An increase of about 12 percent has been seen. This astonishing performance and profit capacity of the bitcoins have been seen after a duration of many dark months. This is said to be a major comeback of the Bitcoins in the Cryptocurrency.

It was repeatedly stated by several exchange-related news that the trade value of the bitcoins has dropped to around 11,300 US dollars and this had some links with the adjournment of the OKEx withdrawals as said by CoinTelegraph.

Irrespective of many unexpected circumstances it was seen that Bitcoins somehow managed to reach a level of 11,700 US dollars.


This can be stated that the uplift of the altcoins is hidden in the downward sloping of the bitcoins. Although analysts and experts are pretty confident about the mediocre performance trajectory of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, one should keep in mind that anything can happen in the World of Digital Cryptocurrency trade.

A stock Exchanger of Amsterdam Mr. Michael van de has a statement of his own. He says that there are pretty good chances that the trade value of the Bitcoins will go down as to 11,100 Us dollars. He further said that there is a huge speed breaker coming in the way of Bitcoin real soon.