How to Make Your Business Successful in Dubai

Making any business successful in an unfamiliar territory is an incredibly challenging task. The success of a business venture of this manner is predominantly dependent on the support available, whom will be able to use their experience in the geographical area and industry expertise to help establish a fellow prosperous company.

Making a business deal

Harnessing this outsourced wisdom can prove invaluable to avoiding common pitfalls, avoiding wasted expenditure and being able to target your demographic with greater efficiency and speed.

When considering the location to establish or expand any business, Dubai should naturally come into consideration. Emerging as a centre for global markets in the last few years, Dubai’s trajectory of growth is only set to continue as it is built for growth. Merritt Middle East are a leading partner for businesses and residents of the Emirates, particularly in Company registration for those looking to establish a Dubai Freezone Company.

Merritt Middle East is a part of the Merritt Group, launched in 1998, now with offices across Hong Kong and the United States of America, and with a presence in the Emirates since 2009. For those looking to set up their business in Dubai and the Emirates, Merritt Middle East broadly offer two strands of services: to companies and to residents.

Setting up a company in Dubai also brings about logistical challenges, such as finding a suitable office space, taxes and VAT as well as setting up a bank account, all of which will be supported by one of the leading partners in the region.

Of course, companies are built by people. Merritt Middle East recognise that concerns about the status of (prospective) residents are usually as pertinent as business concerns, thus they offer consultation and advice on residence visas (for partners, employees and families), personal bank accounts, driver’s license, registering wills and insurance to give you peace of mind. Moreover, their legal team can assist in any queries your business may be challenged with, whether directed towards the company or residents.

Committed to providing a top-quality service, Merritt Middle East offer a personalised service tailored around your bespoke needs. The team, which work across the law, accounting and administrative disciplines, are expertly positioned to assist in any business ventures during your time in Dubai, ideally located in Dubai for your convenience. Furthermore, the company pride themselves on their excellent, responsive customer service; the team can be reached across email, by phone, through WhatsApp or their own customer portal, with the target to respond in a maximum of four hours.

Dubai skyline and camel
photo credit: Fredrik Öhlander / Unsplash

Expanding to Dubai could be a real turning point for your business, whether existing or a new creation. With the city growing exponentially across every major sector of business, operating from Dubai can only create new and exciting opportunities for your company.

The Merritt Group have over two decades of experience in helping businesses thrive and over a decade of experience, specifically in Dubai. The greatest threat to any business is the unknown – and Merritt Middle East offer the resources you need to succeed.