International Business: Why Do Dutch Speak English So Well?

Suppose you ask someone from England what particularly strikes them about Dutch people. In that case, they will undoubtedly say that the Dutch continuously cycle everywhere and that they are very good at English. According to a recent study by the Setup Your Dutch Company Education First, the Dutch are the best in English of all countries where English is not the native language. 90% of the respondents claimed to master the English language.

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We can skate like the best, are good coffee drinkers, and have been winning the battle against water for centuries. The Dutch are good at many things, including English. In the Netherlands, about 90 percent of the people speak English, which is decent. Why do Dutch speak English so well?

A Small Country In A Global Market

Our small Netherlands is home to about 17 million people. Yet, our GDP – the total monetary worth of all final products and services generated in our country – is number 17 in the world ranking. And within Europe even at number 7. Not bad for such a small country. Yet, the Netherlands does not have a sizable Dutch-speaking business market, like South America or the Middle East.

So with only 27 million Dutch speakers in the world and 2 billion English speakers, Dutch people must be proficient in the English language to operate on the global market.

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An Enterprising Country

The Netherlands has a rich trading history. At the Dutch East India Company, the Dutch ships dominated the world’s seas, and we left our mark on the planet. And even today, we trade internationally, and many large multinationals have established themselves in the Netherlands.

Worldwide, many more people speak English than Dutch, so it is essential to have a good command of this language when entering the international trade or labor market.

TV Programs In English With Subtitles

Another reason that many Dutch people speak English well is our extensive television offer of English films and series. Because we do not dub foreign broadcasts, Dutch children hear a lot of English at a young age. Television programs are dubbed for large enough countries, such as France and Germany, because English is less integrated into their culture.

World Travelers

The Dutch have a strong desire to travel. The language education organization EF reports an increase in Dutch students who wish to spend a gap year abroad. English not only opens doors to the work market, but it also provides a considerable edge in the tourist industry. As a result, it is not unexpected that the Dutch are interested in learning this language.

While the French prefer to spend their vacations in one of the former French colonies since they speak French there, the Dutch travel worldwide. For the ordinary Dutch visitor, the English language opens the economic door and the door to the rest of the globe. Many Dutch individuals, logically, would prefer to learn English.

English And Dutch Languages Of The Germanic Family

Dutch, like English, is a Germanic language. That is why we see so many parallels, such as vacation and vacation. as well as Pump, pump, pump Grid, grid, grid

The Netherlands has long been a country with far-reaching global ambitions. For a reason, New York was initially known as New Amsterdam. Because of the factors mentioned above, the Dutch are fluent in English at a high level.

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Taking online classes

Our Language Skills Are Good, But We Would Like To Learn More

In summary, we understand our role on the global stage and recognize the need to make ourselves known worldwide. As a result, young people in the Netherlands begin studying foreign languages early. At the same time, somewhat older youngsters at university are exposed to English lectures.

In addition, we are constantly exposed to different languages in our daily lives. It is ‘jawohl’ and ‘bitte’ if you reside near the German border. When you turn on the television, the American will swoop down on you (it is not surprising that our English is more American than British).

The Dutch also travel a lot abroad. Our national borders are often too restrictive for doing business or finding a partner. Many people take tutoring and language courses or go backpacking in South America for three months to improve their Spanish.

Whatever your reason, learning and improving a language always makes sense.