5 Reasons to Set Up a Water Filtration System in Your Home or Office

Some people have water filtration systems in their homes or offices, while others do not. If you’re in this second category, you should at least consider installing one.

There are several critical reasons why it makes sense to install a water filtration system where you live and work. We’ll talk about some of those in this article.

Woman drinking water
photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

You Want to Avoid Harmful Chemicals in Your Water

One obvious reason why you want a water filtration system is that presumably, you’re drinking some of the tap water. When you do so, it’s far better for you if you filter it. That’s because you want to avoid ingesting things like:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Pesticides

Water in some parts of the country is better than others. Still, even in regions where people consider the quality to be pretty good, it’s a smart idea to filter it rather than drinking it directly from the tap. That’s one reason you should look into reverse osmosis filtration or one of the other options that exists.

You’re Healthier the More Water You Drink

You should also filter your water because if you have clean water at your resident or workplace, you’re more inclined to drink it. You should definitely ingest all the water you can, as many individuals face dehydration without being aware of it.

When you drink more water:

  • You maintain your body’s fluid balances
  • You control your caloric intake
  • It energizes your muscles
  • It makes your skin look better

Medical science doesn’t completely agree on how much water you should drink per day, but some experts feel you should consume at least eight eight-ounce glasses every twenty-four hours.

If you have fresh, filtered water in the house or business premise, you’re more likely to do that. It’s one of the more effective things to do if you want to stay healthy and vibrant.

You Save Money

Another reason why you should have a water filtration system is that when you do, it often saves you a lot of money. If you need drinking water, without a water filtration system, you’re either drinking it from the tap with all those chemicals or else you’re buying it from a grocery store.

That’s going to push up your bill significantly most times you go shopping. Even if you go somewhere like Sam’s Club or Costco, you’re still buying huge amounts of water, probably in those large bottle blocks.

These are expensive, but they’re also cumbersome. No one likes having to lug those out to the car and then into the pantry, down to the basement, or wherever else you keep them.

Plastic bottles
photo credit: Mali Maeder / Pexels

You Help the Environment

Aside from the cost, you’re also helping the environment when you install a water filtration system. If you don’t have one, you’re probably back to buying enormous plastic water bottle packages again.

You might buy these from a grocery store or a Costco at thirty, fifty, or one hundred at a time. Once you drink the water in each bottle, you might recycle it, which is better than throwing it away. Still, it amounts to tons of plastic that you’re personally producing every year.

The less plastic each of us uses, the better it is for the planet. If you want to help the planet, as everyone should, getting a water filtration system is one easy way to do that.

You Can Reuse the Water Bottles for Various Purposes

Let’s say you install a water filtration system in your home. Then, you buy some plastic bottles from the store, just once. You can now refill those plastic bottles with fresh, filtered water and use them again and again.

You can refill a plastic water bottle and take it with you on a run or to the gym. If you’re going camping, you can fill a few of those empty water bottles and pack them in the car with you. If you walk to the park with your kids, you can refill those bottles and take them there too.

With a water filtration system and a few plastic water bottles, you can take filtered water with you anywhere you want to go. You’ll probably get several uses out of each one if you’re careful with it. This both saves you money and is more environmentally conscious.

Every modern home and office should have a water filtration system. There are several excellent options, so look into them and pick which one you feel will work best for your situation.