6 Ways To Be More Effective and Have an Energetic Life

As the years go by and we experience new events in our life, we begin to understand how influential energy management is for our quality of life. If we’re too tired or burdened by the tasks that fill our day, attaining our goals, maintaining a sexual relationship and remaining healthy become an impossibility.

Located below are some tips and tricks to be more effective and influential in the months and years to come!

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1. Time Management

Procrastination is the silent killer of dreams. When we become lazy or avoid hard work, the goals and milestones we set for ourselves will never come to fruition. If you have trouble getting started on a project or task, here are some tips that can be helpful for your productivity:

  • Break large projects into small, 20-minute chunks
  • Set specific start and stop times
  • Front-load your day with hard and challenging tasks
  • Block out areas of your day into productivity, review and leisure time
  • Eliminate distractions and notifications

When you make productivity and time-management an important part of your life, your success will grow tenfold.

2. Sports

Sports are a great way to stay in shape and form social relationships that last a lifetime. Even if you’re not the next Michael Jordan or Patrick Mahomes, joining a local recreation club prove influential to your lifestyle.

Who knows, you may form a business relationship or further your career by rubbing shoulders with the right people. But more importantly, you can burn unwanted fat, improve your growth hormone and build lean muscle while performing activities that you love!

Consulting with a doctor

3. HGH Replacement Therapy and Regular Testing

The key to youth and longevity is by monitoring a compound in our body called human growth hormone (HGH). Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, growth hormone plays a vital role in our health, fitness, sexual desire and psychological well-being.

For readers that have not heard of growth hormone in the past, answer some of these questions honestly:

  • Do you feel tired all the time?
  • Is it hard for you to lose weight?
  • Is muscle hard to come by?
  • Is your productivity plagued by brain fog and mental fatigue?
  • Have you become irritable?

All of these areas elude to low HGH levels. More importantly, they give us indications that we need to monitor our growth hormone levels regularly and efficiently.

Visit your doctor or a qualified specialist from Medzone hrt clinic in the weeks and months to come and discuss how important your human growth hormone is to your quality of life. Once your doctor understands your worry, they will begin taking your blood regularly to monitor the amount of HGH you have in your system.

While each patient is unique, the average growth hormone level in adult males ranges between 0.4 to 10 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). While females need less HGH in their system than their male counterparts, it’s still a vital hormone to regulate. The adult female ‘normal’ range is between 1 and 14 ng/mL.

4. Eliminate Harmful Habits

Our human growth hormone relies heavily on our lifestyle habits and actions. If we introduce negative choices into our life, our HGH levels begin to dwindle and suffer. Here is a list of habits that have been scientifically proven to lower human growth hormone:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Taking drugs
  • Consuming sugary snacks and drinks
  • Lack of exercise

While it may not be easy to eliminate these habits and replace them with productive ones, you must give it a try. If you do, you may experience a life filled with happiness, health, joy and the ability to lead a life on your terms.

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5. Quality Sleep

Getting quality sleep is the most powerful tool that we have as humans. When we enter a deep state of slumber, our body naturally produces human growth hormone as a stimulus-response. These hormones repair, restore and soothe inflammation and damage that we have accrued throughout the day while exercising and going through our routine.

Moreover, certain studies illustrate how harmful a lack of sleep can be for our bodies. Male patients that were forcing themselves to stay awake for long periods blocked their natural HGH secretion during slumber. Later on, these patients experienced negative side effects associated with low HGH like depression, loss of bone density, mental fatigue and much more.

6. Sexual Relations

Lastly, let’s talk about sex! Before you run away and hide your face from turning red, it’s important to understand how vital sexual interactions are for our health and well-being. Here are some serious side effects that arise when we go too long without sexual contact:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Cancer risk
  • Stress
  • Elevated anxiety levels
  • Weakend immune system
  • Prostate issues
  • Vaginal dryness

As a rule of thumb: When in doubt, have more sex!

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Over to You!

Now, it’ your turn – what’s your best take from the tips above? Do you have anything to add to the list? Please share with us.