What is Magento PWA and Why Do You Need One?

PWA Magento is a powerful and innovative way to improve the UX design of your Magento website. The PWA concept was first introduced by Google in 2015. With progressive web applications, you can convert a standard web resource into a functional mobile app.

PWA for Magento

Today PWA is supported by the most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc.

What is PWA?

Magento PWA is a progressive web app that meets certain criteria such as speed, reliability, and attractiveness. The combination of these qualities is made possible by the use of advanced web tools and technologies (HTTPS, push notifications, Service Worker, application shell, web application manifest, and so on).

The modern approach of developers provides users with:

  • online notifications;
  • the ability to work with the resource offline;
  • install applications directly from the browser.

If we consider PWA in terms of functionality, then the initial launch of the app occurs according to the Service Worker script. In this case, data is cached, after which the View data proceeds to the loading stage, according to user requests.

How PWA works and its benefits

All the visitors to the resource who use mobile phones for Internet surfing get into the functional PWA app. Each user is able to create a shortcut to access the site faster, personalize their own UX, load the page immediately, receive push notifications, and access offline features.

PWA capabilities are used by a number of world-famous brands, including:

  • Pinterest;
  • Aliexpress;
  • Forbes;
  • Uber;
  • OLX India, etc.

The main advantage of using Magento 2 PWA is accessibility. Any resource converted to a progressive web application can function successfully both offline and with poor Internet connection quality. After the Internet signal is normalized, every user request and all data will quickly go to the server.

The next advantage is high information security. PWAs have moved away from HTTP and use the more advanced HTTPS protocol. Thanks to this, the system is reliably protected from any unauthorized actions and hacker attacks on the network.

Another advantage of using Magento PWA is its fast loading speed. It is made possible by the use of high-tech caching capabilities. Pages load quickly, regardless of the content and information posted on it (videos, animations, and other multimedia content). Finally, one cannot fail to note the high convenience for the end-user.

Progressive Web App is the most advanced solution for media resources and e-commerce websites. In the near future, all resources from this niche will switch from a native app to a PWA.