Magento 2 Website Development

Magento 2 Website Development

Magento is one of the most advanced and popular E-commerce systems. The current number of users of the platform has long passed the one million mark. Due to its ease of use and wide capabilities, the system is popular among small and large companies that sell products online.

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In 2015, the second version of Magento was released, which multiplied the advantages of the previous product, becoming a better and more efficient platform for all users. The choice in favor of Magento 2 development is obvious because of the huge number of available modules that will allow you to implement even the most original and non-standard business ideas as best as possible. Learn more here.

Magento 2 platform features

A CMS like Magento does not require a personal presentation, because the numbers speak for themselves – about a million entrepreneurs around the world actively use the eCommerce platform and the number of users is growing regularly.

If you are still not convinced that Magento 2 is the ideal solution for online commerce, then the following information will definitely convince you of this. Entrepreneurs choose this platform because of its unique features.

The system is distinguished not only by flexible settings but also by consistently high performance, which is extremely important for any website with a large number of visitors. An additional feature is a large online community that will help you find answers to any questions you may have regarding the development or operation of sites on the Magento 2 platform.


What are the benefits of Magento 2?

In order to understand the rapidly growing demand for Magento 2, here are the main advantages of this platform:

  • significantly increased the speed of the system, both from the client and the administrator;
  • high usability of the site;
  • full page caching;
  • most technological solutions have been revised and updated;
  • the order formation mechanism has been maximally improved.

Magento 2 platform features lightning-fast performance, which allows you to add items to your cart 52% faster as well as the page loads up to 25% faster compared to Magento 1. The resources of the system make it possible to display up to 10 million pages per hour, which is more than enough even for the largest online stores.

Some of the first to appreciate the benefits of Magento 2 are such world-famous brands as Nike, Ford, Samsung, Helly Hansen, and Vizio. Thanks to the advantages of the system, companies receive high conversion rates and thousands of new customers every day.

The trends of the modern market indicate the need to use the Magento 2 platform, which confidently increases the gap from the closest competitors and consolidates the leading positions in the e-commerce world.

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