Top 5 Amazon Seller Credit Cards for Cash and Payments

Amazon is such a wonderful platform when it comes to selling. It not only offers a seller a platform to sell products but also adds value to its products.

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Selling at Amazon means you are producing some splendid products coupled with competitive prices. Because without offering quality products at a nominal price one cannot just sell on Amazon.

Selling is however not the only thing that a seller has to attain on this platform. One will require getting on top to sell frequently on Amazon. The pay per click is the most useful option at the beginning for all sellers. But a small startup struggling with funds cannot just afford to run non-stop PPC campaigns on Amazon. This is where seller credit cards come into the act. A small start can use the seller’s credit cards to make payments for a number of necessities like FBA and PPC programs.

Amazon seller credit cards are not only available at Amazon but are also offered by some banks. Seller credit cards, of course, have some underlying fees but they are a quick source of credit for small sellers as well. Amazon offers it for general as well as prime customers but banks have some other useful criteria under which the cards are usually issued.

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Top Amazon Private Seller Credit Cards

You can visit the website for more details but here are top private seller credit cards that are frequently used by sellers on Amazon.

1. Capital One Spark 2% Cash

This is one of the best seller credit cards without any exaggeration as people get 2% cashback on every single purchase they make. It works with no minimums or expiration dates, which means you are free to make marvels as and when you want. It has no foreign transaction fees either so you are free to make external transactions as well.

Platforms like Alibaba can also be accessed with a Capital One card. That’s not all when it gets to Capital One card, you will get $500 cash if you spend $4,500 within three months after opening your account. It has a high reward rate as compared to other cards and as mentioned earlier it operates at absolutely no foreign transaction fees.

Despite all the pros, it has a few cons i.e. high APR and $95 per annum fee. It is good to consult an Amazon agency for formal help in this regard.

2. Chase Ink Business Preferred

The next bestseller credit card is chase’s business preferred credit card. It can be used to pay for several things on Amazon including but not limited to the PPC fees. You are guaranteed to get three valid points for every dollar you spent using the chase card. It offers cell phone protection, roadside dispatch, and standard purchase protection.

You are also likely to get an 80,000 bonus if you choose to spend at least $5,000 within three months after accounting opening. 25% more points on the travel portal are also awaiting you while you are free to make foreign transactions without any fee.

3. American Express Business

American Express works well with the Amazon sellers as it offers 4 times more points as compared to previously described two credit cards. But just like all other quality products, you will require paying a little extra fee for the American Express credit card. It offers standard business management tools for expense planning. And, just like the other two previously described cards, it offers you no free-of-cost foreign transactions. You will not only get 4X points on pay-per-click payments but also on shipping fees. A healthy bonus of 25% on flights or travel is also there with this credit card.

But as mentioned earlier it will require paying $295 per annum. It can still prove productive for many sellers. You can consult an Amazon agency to know whether it will suit your needs or not.

4. American Express Business Platinum Card

The next best Amazon seller credit card is also from the house of American Express. It is great for every seller that likes to move around more often.

If you like to spend on hotels and travels through then this card can surely prove more than just products for you. Tell you what; you can earn about 1 million extra points one year if you tend to use this card wisely. It offers global access at WeWork. Fine class concierge service coupled with TSA pre-checks is also an added advantage with this card. 50,000 sign-up bonus and 5X points on every travel-related spending.

But it is vital to mention here that this specific card offers low points on spending other than hotels and flights. It can be availed at $595 per annum.

5. Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card

Just like American Express, Chase Ink has multiple offers for an Amazon seller. The business cash credit offers 1% unlimited cash back on every purchase. 5% cashback is also there for you on the first $25,000 you spend at restaurants and gas stations. It can be operated at no fee but a foreign transaction fee is applicable on this credit card. It is always better to consult an Amazon agency to select the right card for your business.

Amazon  Credit Cards for Sellers

Amazon offers Prime Rewards Visa Signature Cards for Prime customers. It is available for all prime members that frequently shop at Amazon. It is best for all different kinds of Amazon buying but can also be used at several other points with equal perfection.

Amazon also offers Rewards Visa Signature Cards for customers that are not Prime members. You can earn some useful points even if you spend less than $6000 per annum on Amazon. It can also assist you in shipping services.

All of the above-described credit cards can be used to make the most of Amazon spending. You can buy and pay for several expenses by using these seller credit cards.

Loan alternative

How to Deal with an Unavailable Balance?

Amazon’s frequent payment delay might wreak havoc on your development plans. While you throw the unavailable balance into the mix, some things are worse. You are not particularly paying late, you even do not understand when the balance will be available. With none of these funds, you can not be capable of ordering a lot of inventory, pay staff, or cover various business expenses.

To prevent those problems, care about one of those financing choices:

1. Credit cards

You might open a credit card or require the bank for an increased spending limit. Just remember that you might only take a credit card if you are capable of making payments in full and in time, otherwise, you can wind up with interest charges.

2. Bank financing

You might discuss your bank around the term loan or credit line. After all, banks provide big dollar amounts and low APRs. However, their application process might get some weeks or months and their approval ratios for online businesses are super low.

3. Online business loan

The alternative lenders can provide better online apps, quick decisions, and in other circumstances, next-day funding. Dollar amounts are likely to be in the six-figure range, and interest ratios are higher than banks.

4. Savings

If you get a savings account, you might tap into it to cover the cash flow problems, but you could not get enough and you particularly should wait to take the funds as the absolute last resort.

5. Supplier financing

Check if the supplier can offer you long payment terms so that you might take the inventory order in before you specifically obtain the Amazon payout. That method might prevent adding the stockout to the unavailable balance. If you get a great track record with the supplier, they could be open to deal with. Just ensure you are confident you will be capable of making the new payment deadline.

6. Payability

The financing plan is designed particularly for the marketplace sellers and the Payability brings some ways for much each cash flow need the seller as you can face. For instance, their instant access product might tackle the unavailable balance headache as quickly as a day.

Next, their easy application process seems solely at account health and sales efficiency (not credit), and once approved, they will transfer 70% of your available balance on the following day. Then, you will keep going to take about 70% of yesterday’s scanned and shipped sales every business day that you might transfer to the bank account with a similar day ACH or spend for the seller card. It acts as the insurance towards future unavailable balances as 70% of your budget will already be in the wallet or invested in the business again.

When it comes to 30%, it is kept on hold to cover and chargeback or is paid out based on the frequent payment schedule. Payability charges a flat 2% fee on sales for Instant Access. Your ratio is based on the seller metrics and current track record with Payability.