Do You Have to Like Your Lawyer Personally?

Which lawyer you hire is a huge decision to make. This professional may be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose your case and possibly help decide whether you get a big payout or a hefty bill. Although dozens of elements should tie into whether you choose a specific person as your lawyer, many come back to the same question: what if I don’t like them? Does that matter?

In ways, it both does and doesn’t matter: here’s why.

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What Is Your Lawsuit About?

There are times where what your lawsuit is about matters more than whether or not you like your lawyer. If your suit is over property lines or back pay from your job, you don’t necessarily have to like them. If instead the case is more close to home, like a car accident, or an assault, you want a lawyer you can talk to. Not liking your lawyer isn’t the end of the world, but if it keeps you from talking about what matters and holds you back from sharing vital information that could help your case: they’re not the lawyer for you.

Do You Feel Like They Won’t Trust You?

When you talk to your lawyer, do you feel like they don’t listen to you? Although lawyers legally have to defend their client’s interests as long as they’re on a case with them, if they seem aggressive or like they doubt you too much, their expression and tone might reflect that in court. If they seem like they trust you, but you still don’t like them, consider why you don’t trust them in return.

Can They Do Their Job Well?

You must have sought your lawyer out to some degree. If you were looking around for a personal injury lawyer in Kingston, PA, and you stumbled across them: did you look into their working past? Check to see how many lawsuits your lawyer has lost and won and whether that number reflects what you want it to. Even if they rub you the wrong way emotionally, or you find them annoying, if your lawyer is great at winning cases and getting clients what they want: they could be worth keeping.

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Do You Trust Them To Represent You?

When you talk to your lawyer, do you trust them to represent you well? Most people stick to an opinion, even if they’re proven wrong because they make it a part of their identity. When you talk to your lawyer, try to set aside any preconceived notions of who they are or how you’ve spoken to them before. Think about how they would do in front of a jury and if they would be able to make it clear to the court that what you feel and see is legitimate.

Although this can be hard to work through, it’s good to take the time before you cut them loose.

Your court case may seem like ‘just another case’ to some lawyers, but it’s not small to you. Everyone deserves a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail for them, so don’t settle for less.