Best App Marketing Tactics for 2021

After the creation of the mobile app you have to be ready to face endless work to make your product visible and popular. Let’s have a closer look at some stages of mobile app marketing.

Businesswoman using new app
photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

1. Basic Optimization

Before you actually start promoting your mobile application, you need to carry out preparatory work – basic optimization.

Think of a unique and understandable name that will emphasize the features of your product. Keep the title short, long headers can be cropped on some mobile devices.

In the description of the product you should list its main features and features that distinguish your application from competitors. Specify the main sales points at the beginning: the user should see this information, even if he is not going to read the full description. According to ComboApp mobile app marketing agency, it is important to determine the relevance of the keyword phrase and add the keys unobtrusively to the description and title.

Add graphic elements: screenshots, promotional videos, an application icon, etc. Try to make the icon attractive so that visitors to the store will pay attention to it.

2. Preliminary Testing

Another stage of promotion of the mobile application is preliminary testing. Invite your target audience to test your development in action and share their impressions. This will help you with a few tasks at once.

First of all, the users will get acquainted with your application and, if they like it, will wait for its release. You will increase the loyalty of the target audience, because they will feel involved in your product. You will receive information about bugs and have enough time to fix them before the product reaches a mass audience.

You also will get the traffic you need for the initial analysis of user behavior, which will be useful for the startup. You can engage your audience for testing in a variety of ways. For example, offer free access in the future to a paid product, or its paid features.

Accessing social media from smartphone

3. Social Media Advertising

Using advertising on social networks you can achieve really great results. All you have to do is create the pages of your product on the most popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and post new and interesting content about your product, its features, info about updates, etc. It also gives you feedback, which shows you what works great and what needs to be changed or just fixed.

Publish interesting posts, create attractive banners, and keep in touch with your audience. If you launch an advertising campaign, for example, on Facebook, the advertisement is published on behalf of the product page, so you promote the page in parallel.

You can track downloads made through your ad campaign. You can set clear targeting for a variety of parameters, such as region, gender, target audience interest, and more.

4. Press Release Promotion

Another way to promote your app is a press release. Write a press release and publish it on the website and social networks.

Also send messages to specialized publications that are relevant to the category of your application. For example, if you are the owner of a language learning app, notify the editors of educational blogs and magazines, and you will definitely find someone to be interested in the review of your app. It will positively affect the promotion.

Influencer marketing

5. Influencer Marketing

Think about who your target audience is subscribed to, whose opinion they are listening to. Identify influencers or bloggers who could advertise your project. Invite them to test the app and share their impressions with subscribers.

People are used to listening to someone’s opinion. That is why this way of marketing can help you get more attention to your product than you can imagine.