What are the Challenges of Subtitle Translation?

When your goal is to reach the global market, you cannot compromise on the quality of your video content. This is especially true when it comes to target audiences from foreign countries, as you should never neglect the importance of subtitle translation.

Subtitle translation enables you to promote your video content in different regions around the world despite the language barriers. You can easily and efficiently communicate your message to the target audience and create an emotional attachment.

Subtitle translation challenges

However, translating your video content is easier said than done. You don’t only have to translate the content, but also focus on the cultural differences to bring nativity to the content. Obviously, you will include subtitles in their native language, so they can read while they watch the content.

Here, we will share some challenges that you might face while translating your video content without a professional subtitle translator:

1. Inter-linguistic Translation

Inter-linguistic translation is not an easy task. To effectively translate your message into another language, you need to be proficient in both the languages. Many marketing teams neglect the accuracy of the message while translating the subtitles.

Be sure that your video content represents your business across the borders. Therefore, you need to be extra careful, and you can make this task easier by hiring a professional translating team. These teams are experts in audio-visual translation and have the ability to convey your message to the audience.

2. Time Restrictions

Another factor that will negatively influence the quality of the subtitle is the time restriction. You need to ensure that the translation will appear along with the audio. This is an essential element for subtitling your content. If the reading speed is too fast, your audience will find the content useless. Even if your video content reaches the right audience, they will not be able to understand.

Therefore, it is vital to understand the reading capabilities of the audience. An expert in the translating industry has better knowledge about the correct speed. If you want to improve the readability of your subtitles, it would be best to consult with a professional team.

3. Space Restrictions

The translation should not cover up the entire screen. When this happens, the audience will not be able to visualize the content. Also, when the subtitles are too small to read, the video content is of no use. Remember, your goal is to convey your message to the target audience. So, if the foreign audience is unable to understand what your business is about, you are investing your efforts and money for nothing.

A professional subtitle translator knows about maintaining the appropriate size of the text. They know how many lines a screen should contain and the maximum number of characters in a single line. They will efficiently utilize the screen while keeping the text readable.

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4. Reading Flow Conversion

When your goal is to naturalize the content, you need to be careful about the reading flow. Many marketing teams fail to create a perfect flow for their subtitles. They split the adjectives and articles into different lines which makes it hard for the reader to understand the perspective.

5. Cut Sync

Another major challenge that many content creators face while translating subtitles is managing the translation in a scene without trespassing. The process to arrange the subtitle translation into a scene is a technical aspect and requires plenty of time. You can seek help from a professional subtitle translating team and make your content engaging.


Subtitle translation includes exciting challenges. Failing to master those challenges will discourage the audience to stick through your video content. You can make the most out of your video content and increase the interest of foreign audiences by improving the subtitle translation quality.

You can do that by consulting a professional team with expertise in subtitle translation. If you need these high quality services, give us a call and connect with our professional audio/visual translators. Our team of experts possesses complete knowledge about making your content interesting and easier to understand for different audiences.