Types of Digital Marketing 

In the past few decades, digital marketing has grown to become a crucial constituent in every organizations’ strategies for marketing. Digital marketing allows different companies to adequately channel messages to reach specific consumers, making it less difficult to market directly to consumers who find interest in the product.

Digital marketing comprises a wide variety of tactics and up-to-date technologies needed to get across to potential consumers online. What are the different types of Digital marketing available? Let’s find out.

Digital marketing

Kinds of Digital Marketing

Here is a list of the most popular types of Digital marketing and a brief overview of each type:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization short for SEO has the sole aim of getting your business ranked high when similar searches are carried out on Google. SEO aims at increasing the search engine traffic of your website. SEO is accomplished by researching phrases or word elements that most consumers use to search for information online, they pile up these word elements and phrases and use them all in their content.

SEO marketing is lucrative as an SEO specialist can make as much as $60,000 monthly. SEO marketing without steady improvement wouldn’t yield as much cash for the marketer. SEO works with Google’s algorithm and this is where challenges come up. To scale through these challenges, check out these few crucial things that every SEO marketer is expected to understand

Content Indexing

Allowing search engines to read your content comfortably is important in SEO marketing. You can achieve content indexing by adding alt text for pictures and text transcripts for audio content in your texts.

Good Link Structure

Having a good link structure makes it easy for search engines to go through your content and optimize it easily. To keep up a good link structure, you can decide to add URLs, sitemaps, or other elements that will make the site a lot more easily accessible.

Keywords Usage

Using the right keywords is also very crucial in SEO. Input search terms that you want your page to be found for in your content. Stuffing your content with several keywords isn’t the best way to optimize keywords; rather, writing content with high quality, using keywords in headers and a few times in the body is the best practice.

PPC advertising management

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

PPC refers to paid ads and promos for optimizing search engine results. PPC is seen as a short-term marketing scheme as once you end your subscription, the advertisements will no longer exist. Similar to SEO, Pay-per-Click is a way to make your business known online and create traffic.

You’ll have come across PPC before as it’s the ads you get to see at the webpage tops and sides of search engine results, they are the ads you see when surfing the Internet, ads you see when checking out YouTube videos, and ads that pop-up in mobile applications.

A major difference between SEO and PPC is that PPC goes out at a price while SEO is free. The Google AdWords campaign is a typical example of a PPC model, here, you only get to pay when someone clicks on your sponsored advertisement and the click takes them to your webpage. The amount of money you get to spend running PPC will vary depending on how many clicks you get. Some companies invest about a hundred dollars monthly on PPC, while large companies spend tens of thousands monthly depending on traffic PPC yields for them.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is familiar with social media however, marketers are expected to approach social media using strategic approaches. Social media Marketing is not just about creating posts and responding to comments once in a while, consistency is key

There are several tools social media marketers could use to maintain consistency by automating and scheduling social media posts. Users can easily figure out that there’s no real person behind social media posts if the automation tool isn’t properly handled, this is bad for business.

For a successful social media marketing activity, a marketing team is needed so that messages will be easily coordinated across several social media platforms, maintaining uniformity at all points, portraying the same image of your brand everywhere. Social media marketing is a lot more complicated than making posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is straightforward, it involves using storytelling to create more awareness for your brand. It involves convincing the reader through your content to take immediate actions towards being a customer. Contents could mean web articles, blog posts, ebooks, podcasts, and much more.

Your content should provide value to the consumer, it shouldn’t just be about advertising your products, a lot more should be put into your content. Content marketing is a way of bonding with your consumers, building healthy relationships with them.

Digital marketing strategy

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is crucial to business growth, as the sole aim of business is to make a profit and digital markets allow the entrepreneur to make profits by expanding the business’s horizon. Digital marketing isn’t included in your business proceeds? Well, include it and watch your business grow exponentially. A Digital marketing agency will help you do your marketing campaign easily.