5 Industries That Will Always Be in Demand

The last 18 months caused a re-evaluation of the services we once believed were essential. And sadly, we bid goodbye to companies we thought would last forever #– it’ll certainly be strange to no longer see a Debenhams on the high street.

Unfortunately, they’re not alone – it’s been just as tough for small businesses, with up to 250,000 at risk of permanent closure at the start of this year.

Veterinary clinic

However, some industries are absolutely essential and have proved that they can stand the test of time and survive even during a global pandemic. We have chosen five that may inspire you on your next business venture.

1. Supermarkets & grocery shops

This is perhaps the most obvious on the list – everyone needs to eat! Supermarkets and smaller food stores were some of the only places allowed to remain open during lockdowns.

Food will always be essential, and not everyone has the luxury of growing their own produce. It’s very hard to have vegetable patch if you live in an apartment!

Failing that, you could always go into toilet paper production – another of the pandemic’s most treasured essentials!

2. Vet

Veterinary practices are vital for the care of our pampered pooches.

During lockdown, 3.2 million households acquired a new pet. And as any owner will tell you, your animal family members come with all sorts of care requirements, from vaccinations to emergency treatments.

Veterinary surgeries are valuable businesses, and you might be surprised to learn that you don’t need to be a vet to run one #– though specialist knowledge will certainly help your success.

3. Dentist

Whether it’s a six-month check-up, fillings, or teeth whitening, everyone has to visit the dentist at some time or another.

Companies such as Bicester Smile Clinic have realised this, and they provide expert services to help their customers keep their teeth sparkling.

Starting a dental business is an excellent option for creating a company that will last.

Car mechanic

4. Mechanics

We might be driving less #– we’re certainly being encouraged to – but garages and mechanics are still essential for keeping vehicles up and running.

Even if we’re urged to trade our cars for public transport, buses and lorries still need to be serviced and repaired.

The more varied your services are, the more in demand your company will be – there are far less garages that can also cater to larger vehicles.

5. Locksmith

Locksmith and key cutting business are always going to be needed. Aside from getting locked out of our homes #(it happens to the best of us!), most people will need to change their locks at least once, and even more will benefit from a key cutting service.

Take Timpson for example – they’ve been around for 150 years, proving that business like this have the potential to stand the test of time.

These are just five industries that we hope will inspire you when you begin to think about starting your own business. Share any other essential industries in the comments below!