Why is Northstar Location Services Calling Me?

Why is Northstar Location Services Calling Me?

You may ask yourself, why is Northstar Location Services calling me? Maybe you’re a bit behind on one or two debts, but you didn’t know you’d be subject to what feels like harassment. Or maybe you don’t owe anyone anything and have no idea why Northstar is calling. In any case, you do have rights.

Let’s look at those as well as just what is Northstar.

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What is Northstar Location Services?

Based in New York, Northstar is a 20-year-old third-party debt collection agency, meaning it attempts to collect debts for clients, many of them, banks. It also collects on debts it buys. The company tries to get paid various forms of debt, especially student loans. It also collects for industries including insurance, automotive, communications, utility, education, travel, retail, financial, and mortgage. Delinquent credit card debt? Yes, that, too.

What is Northstar Known For?

The company is basically known for being relentlessly dogged in its collection pursuits, while using dubious or borderline unethical tactics. They’ve also been known to walk over rights outright while making great use of technology to find alleged debtors.

What’s more, the company was recently put on alert by the Better Business Bureau. Here are a few examples of complaints from the BBB’s Northstar page:

  • From 5/6/21: “This business contacts me at the telephone number listed above regarding a debt of which I have no knowledge or reasonable belief that I might legally owe. I suspect they may be fishing for information on another party. I am older and live alone. These calls are both repetitive and disconcerting.”
  • From 1/8/21: “Northstar calls our home several times a day, every day. We have no outstanding disputed debts and just wish to no longer be harassed by this agency.”
  • From 1/2/21: “The debt collector calls around 7 a.m. in the morning and doesn’t identify themselves. The caller also told me, ‘I know it’s *****, we will destroy your credit if you do not respond.’ I haven’t received any written correspondence either at my new address even though I changed it with the original owner of the debt months ago.”

What About Those Rights?

You’re correct to ask about those because you do have them. They’re under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which gives individuals the right to dispute debts and request that a debt collection agency cease contacting them.

To wit, any debt collector, including Northstar Location Services, is prohibited from:

  • Not informing you that it is a debt collector that is attempting to collect a debt.
  • Contacting you many times daily.
  • Expressing themselves with obscene language.
  • Refusing to validate the obligation it says you owe.
  • Phoning you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Continuing to phone you at your place of employment after you’ve indicated that your employer doesn’t permit such calls.
  • Talk about your situation with neighbors, friends, or coworkers.

What Can I Do to Stop Bad Northstar Behavior?

If Northstar or some other debt collector is practicing behavior that is prohibited as outlined in the FDCPA, you might want to contact the BBB as well as a lawyer that specializes in such cases. Ultimately, you might be awarded $1,000 for each breach, plus damages.

Yes, you know, now, at least, why Northstar Location Services is calling you. Or maybe you truly don’t. In any case, you do know what you do and don’t have to put up with. Don’t be intimidated. Stand your ground against this notorious debt collector and make the right moves for you.


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