How to Moderate User Generated Content (UGC)

Cyberspace witnesses a regular flow of user-generated content. Business brands find it very helpful to relate with and engage their target audiences by allowing UGC to be published in your online medium. Unfortunately, not all content augurs well for your brand.

It brings the concept of User Generated Content or UGC and moderation of said content into the picture.

Online customer feedback as User Generated Content (UGC)

Under the mechanism of UGC moderation, all content – text, images, videos, and even live streams get moderated. Various filtering and screening methodologies are employed. It assists in determining the appropriateness of content and its suitability for publication.

In this article, we have tried to answer how to manage UGC. We have covered various aspects like why UGC moderation is needed, how to manage user-generated content, and more. Moreover, this article will help you in reducing your financial resources from being spent on various advertising and marketing campaigns.

Why is UGC moderation needed in the first place?

Brands value the goodwill and reputation associated with it. Content moderation is one giant step to protect their brand value. All images, texts, and videos get scrutinized to track any violation of the brand’s core values like nudity or racism. That said, you need to be aware of various types of content moderation.

All in all, UGC moderation offers significant protection to your brand without causing any unpleasant experience to users.

Managing user-generated content becomes a joyride by employing a rightful measure

The digital world provides a gigantic proportion of anonymity. Eventually, it makes cyberspace a volatile place. You can safeguard your brand’s image by managing it adequately. Here’s how to go about it –

  • Opt for user moderators.
  • Get your content policies published on as many social media channels as possible.
  • Make the content submissions subject to CAPTCHA verification.
  • Manage your user-generated content by using the correct tools.

Aspects worth considering before using user-generated content

Value and respect the views of your users. Maintain proper courteousness and respond to each customer irrespective of their opinion. It will convey to your customers that you do value their experience and opinion.

Be it a negative or positive view, it plays an instrumental role. These make your brand look more authentic.

Man posting on social media via smartphone

Win the game with 3 guaranteed options to get the best UGC

UGC helps you to communicate with your audience. It enhances your brand’s authenticity. You can create content for your brand by using these 3 alternatives:

1. Reviews and testimonials

Users give their real views and experiences concerning your brand. These come directly from an ordinary customer. This adds more authenticity to your brand. You can share the same content to win the trust of your prospective customers. A staggering 88% of total online customers do get influenced by such reviews and testimonials. A positive review can earn you a new customer.

2. All social media post coming from your followers

Today, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become the best place to collect UGC. You can use this vital piece of content during your social media strategies. It will bring instant brand promotion. This will arise from family and friends who will start trusting your products.

You can even partner with online influencers with a large following. You can create engaging and meaningful social media posts to win the trust of followers of the influencer.

3. Blog posts and articles

Blog posts are almost similar to testimonials and reviews. There is a thin line of difference between them. The former comprises an extensive user experience about your product. These experiences are mostly shared on popular social media sites such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

To have a wider reach, you can get in touch with a few content influencers, publications, or writers and strike a deal with them. It will be a convenient way to display your products on their blogs.

Organize a healthy discussion with your customers through question-and-answer sections

The question-and-answer section is the best way to engage your esteemed customers and your brand. The answers will guide your would-be customers to make an informed decision.

Prompt your customers to answer certain questions. This will enable your customer support team to handle repetitive questions. Your social media team can make a proper analysis of the feedback to conclude the perception of your brand among your customers.

Build a wonderful brand-customer relationship by answering every question irrespective of how many times the question has been repeated.

Watching YouTube videos

Attract your potential customers with videos

Video consumption has witnessed a sharp increase in recent times. Make the most of this development by uploading videos. Use Instagram and Youtube to get the best UGC. Share your customer’s experience by subtly mentioning your service or product. Resort to video marketing campaigns. It will speak volumes about your brand without needing a thousand words.

An unboxing video, for example, serves brilliantly as a perfect UGC video. It will aid you in generating a desire among your customers to buy your products. Similarly, the IGTV feature offered by Instagram allows you to share one-minute videos. You can reshare them in your brand’s profile for promoting your service or product.

Know the negative side of human content moderation

There has been a significant rise in the use of social media. Moderators worldwide screen the content to trace contents related to hate speech, illegal or inappropriate content. Exposure to unethical, hurtful, and disturbing content causes psychological harm to your employees. Your brand’s productivity and scale take a beating.

Artificial intelligence is the right solution

Artificial intelligence or AI is preferred for its accuracy and precision. For instance, if any content gets flagged for being inappropriate, it is never considered to be appropriate in the future by the machine. In a sense, it does succeed in restricting the spread of inappropriate content. This is not attainable by manual moderation.

When the scanning and examination are done by machine, privacy issues do not get compromised as well.