Combine Love of the Earth with Smart Banking

Many well-known banks fund the use of fossil fuels, causing extensive environmental problems. You may choose one of these banks for convenience, however. Most people have popular banks close to their home, making it easy to use one. Individuals often do not research how banks spend money, either. You may also choose a bank for specific features that fit your lifestyle.

You can, however, find a convenient bank with an earth-friendly agenda. Online banks make it easy to sign up and maintain your finances.

Aspiration card
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Carbon Offsets

Many modern retailers work hard to support environmental causes. It can take a little more work to find a bank that helps the environment.

Some newer banks operate completely online and have planet friendly features. Carbon offsets help counteract the effects of damaging habits. Aspiration bank funds carbon offsets, such as reforestation, wind farms, and efficient insulation in buildings.

Smart Shopping and Recycling

Many customers work hard to protect the environment, however, they shop at establishments that harm it. Banking clients can now increase their awareness by shopping with the Aspiration debit card. When you shop, the bank alerts you if the company supports earth-damaging habits.

You can learn about ethical companies without having to do the research yourself. Aspiration also uses debit cards made from recycled materials.

Rewards and Low Fees

When you change your shopping habits, you can get cash back rewards with your Aspiration debit card, as well. When you get an alert about a company that supports environmentally damaging practices, you can change the way you shop. When you choose ethical companies to do business with, you get rewarded. Online banks also have competitive monthly fees to fit your budget.

With Aspiration, you can pay for an entire year at once, resulting in a lower monthly fee. You can also use a variety of ATM machines for free. Once a month you can get refunded for using an out-of-network ATM, as well.

Online banking


You may have trouble visiting the bank, since many only stay open during business hours. This means you must go to the bank on your lunch break or miss work to handle your business. With an online bank, you can take care of your banking necessities from your phone or computer. You can even sign up for your account online. This means less paper use and less time commuting.

Most people don’t think about saving the earth with their bank choice. Banking remains a necessity for most of the population. When the majority of a community uses banks that support fossil fuels, the environment can degrade quickly.

With a bank like Aspiration, your fees go towards healthy environmental efforts and you learn to shop smarter. Your banking and your daily purchases can help the planet. Take the time to research the background of your bank. You may find they fund fossil fuels. Make the switch to earth-friendly online banking today.