Why is Phone Answering Service Essential For a Small business?

If Bill Gates answered the phone for callers in the early days of Microsoft he probably wouldn’t be a multi-billionaire now. Without a doubt it’s hard to call Bill’s voice a welcoming tone that would charm customers.

If Mark Zuckerberg took calls for Facebook when it was just a start up how could he find the time to work in the business? Can you imagine him leaving a marketing strategy meeting just because there was an outside call coming in? I guess he’d think his voice was charming – but it’s even worse than Bill’s!

Mark Zuckerberg
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One of the first rules of business is to make a good first impression. Don’t waste the moment. Sometimes you only have one chance to sway the mind of a customer. Use that first contact opportunity by greeting telephone callers with the warm friendly voice of a Professional Receptionist. But don’t make the costly mistake of putting a receptionist on your own payroll – choose the smart modern path to excellent call management – choose a Virtual Receptionist.

Too many small business owners neglect the basic rules of effective business and then wonder why sales are weak. First rule – the customer is king. When a customer is interested in your products or services and takes the time to contact your company – respect them and answer that telephone call promptly with a live friendly voice from a highly trained professional receptionist.  A professional phone answering service is the way to make your customers feel special – without the cost. Let a lovely friendly voice answer calls on behalf of your business.

Your Virtual Receptionist service will answer the calls quickly each and every time. Your small business will never miss a call. With a phone answering service you give your company certainty. Certain that every call is answered promptly. Certain that telephone calls are never missed.

Just one phone call could lead to a revenue stream that will help support your business vision for years to come. Do you really want to risk losing that call?

Phone answering service


Imagine if there is an interested client who has heard something good about your product but when they call your business at 9am the phone just rings on and on until it clicks onto a recorded voicemail machine. That prospective customer’s first impression will be ‘that business doesn’t want my money’. Then to add insult just as they’ve used their precious time to try to leave a precise message, the machine beeps and they get cut-off in mid-speech.

First impressions count. Forever. That prospective customer is not impressed. Opportunity Lost 1. Opportunity Won 0.

If you are really serious about making your small business a big success you have to appeal to your customers. You have to show your clientele that your business will make an effort to win and keep their business. That’s what customer service is all about.

One of the most important parts of great customer service is simply being available. When you walk into a clothing store and you want to try on some jeans – if there are no staff to help you, like most people, you will just walk out. The same applies to communication with a small business. If a customers calls your company and their call is not answered promptly, they’ll hang up.

Don’t think that as a business owner you will have the time to take every phone call. You simply don’t have that time to spare. Don’t expect your key staff to act as a receptionist either – you pay them for their business talents – not to be a telephone answering service!

Implement the solution that saves precious time. Use a phone answering service and get on with making your business visions come true.

Use your telephone answering services whenever you want them. All calls during the weekday office hours managed by your call answering service? Done. Just use the live answering service after hours and on weekends? Done. Need sudden call answering supporting for public holidays and special sales promotions. Done.

With your Virtual Receptionist phone answering team you can arrange call management to suit your business. Just pick the call package that best suits your company and relax. You can get stressed by other business challenges but with a professional phone answering service you say goodbye to stress and hello opportunity.

You might be the next Elon Musk and your ideas could be brilliant – but if you can’t assign tasks and delegate accountability the world will never know you exist. So delegate the call management for your business to a professional local phone answering service and get on with your dreams.

Phone answering service

The Big Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service

A small business can only survive and grow if it keeps changing and seizing opportunities. You can’t travel if you stay in one place. There are so many new technologies and new business methods that can support your small business – a smart business owner is always curious.

Millions of companies all over the world use a live local phone answering service to answer calls for their business – but for some businesses using a traditional receptionist model or for new start-ups, a telephone answering service is something new. This is a summary of the major benefits:

  • Save Time – A Call Answering Service saves precious time because it takes care of call management. Business owners and their employees can focus on the business without the constant interruption of pretending to be receptionists.
  • Save Money – A Telephone Answering Service saves money because there is no need to employ an in-house receptionist with all the overheads of salaries, superannuation and holiday and sick leave.
  • Increase revenue – A Phone Answering Service increases revenue by live answering customers calls after hours. Humans want to talk to humans. Your enterprise will capture the opportunity that your competitor doesn’t even know about.
  • Build Loyalty – Your customers will appreciate the reliability of always having their calls answered quickly with a live friendly local voice. They’ll realise that your business really cares about its customers.
  • Be Agile – a Call Answering Service can support whatever you need, with a fast and simple implementation. Within less than an hour a polite local voice can be reliably answering calls on behalf of your business. That’s service!
  • Present an image – even though you don’t have your own receptionist or reception – your clients won’t know that. They’ll think their call is being answered by your receptionist in your offices. Your Virtual Receptionist service will seem just like part of your team. Always polite, always expert, always ready.

Telephone answering service

Getting your Telephone Answering Service set-up

Its simple to get your business set up for a professional call management future.

First tell us how you’d like us to greet your callers – what is the welcome message you want your call answering team to say? Then share with us the details of your business – what are your products and services, what will callers usually call about? Let’s build a short FAQ together for your Virtual Reception team. Thirdly how would you like to prioritise calls? Are there some types of calls that you want your answering team to immediately forward to you or your key staff?

Then finally you just need to arrange when you want the business calls to be answered, how you want to receive messages about the calls -whether by SMS or email and what call package you want.

There are call packages to suit every type of business, from 20 calls a month to 1.000, just discuss your requirements with the friendly Telephone Answering service team.

The Essential Advantage for a small business

Lots of customers calling at the same time? No problem, your service is a team of people, they’ll answer every call quickly and politely. Just starting up your business and worrying if you should be taking every customer call on your mobile. Stop worrying. Your call answering service will filter the phone calls and forward important business calls according to your instructions. Want to start with a professional image from day one? Let your trained virtual receptionists’ welcome clients on behalf of your business with just the right tone.

There are so many obvious benefits and some you’ll only realise once you’ve experienced the expertise. Did we mention peace of mind – knowing your company will never miss a call?

There is so much value added by a virtual receptionist service that it really is an essential advantage. Choose a future full of advantages.