Taking a Business Trip? 5 Things You’re Not Prepared For

Business trips are full of unknowns. Usually, the unknowns are related to being in a new area or immersed in a new culture. However, even if you’re only traveling two states over, unexpected circumstances can cause some major inconveniences if you’re not prepared.

Before your next trip, prepare yourself for the following potential circumstances. Hopefully you won’t encounter these situations, but if you do, you’ll be glad you were prepared.

Business trip problems
photo credit: Gustavo Fring / Pexels

1. Lost car keys and fobs

Losing your car keys is a terrible experience. It’s worse when a valet loses your fob. Regardless of how your keys become lost, you’ll have to pay for a replacement. A traditional key can be replaced quickly by any locksmith. Unlike traditional car keys, fobs are expensive and require special equipment to program.

Normally, when you need a new fob, you have to tow your car to the dealership to get a new fob programmed. If you don’t have roadside assistance, you’ll pay heavily for a tow.

Thankfully, there are mobile locksmiths who have the special equipment required to program a replacement fob. These mobile locksmiths will come right to your car and you’ll get a new fob in 1-2 business days.

How to manage valet attendants who lost your keys

If valet parking attendants lose your car keys, you may need to pursue a lawsuit to get your expenses covered. Always write down the name of the person who took your keys, along with the time and date.

Documentation is important to establish responsibility. You might need to sue for more than just fob expenses. For example, this Redditor had to rekey his entire house after a valet lost his car key with his house keys attached.

2. A lost credit or debit card

Losing a credit or debit card on a business trip will put a damper on your activities. If you’re in an area where your bank exists, you can probably get a temporary card on the spot. However, if you’re away from your bank, it could take days.

Instead of relying solely on your credit or debit card, carry a few extra money sources with you:

  • Blank checks
  • A cashier’s check
  • Your PayPal business debit card (it’s free)
  • Some cash

When you have a few different options for money, you won’t get stuck if you lose your main card.

3. Your hotel room being pilfered

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of having their hotel room pilfered while they’re away. However, it happens frequently. Try not to leave anything valuable in your hotel room.

At the very least, lock your valuables in your biggest suitcase and lock the suitcase to a dresser drawer with a bike lock cable. It might seem extreme, but it will deter thieves who are just looking for easy things to steal.

As an alternative, consider renting a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room. You’ll have more space, better internet, a full apartment to use, and you won’t have to worry about sketchy employees.


4. Different traffic laws

Traffic laws vary in other states and countries. It’s easy to break traffic laws you don’t know about. For example, in Florida, you’ll need to get a $10,000 personal injury protection policy (PIP) if you’re going to be driving in the state for more than 90 days.

In Florida, car insurance works differently than in most states. In a crash, all parties involved are required to use their PIP policy to pay for their own medical expenses (up to $10,000). Fault doesn’t become a factor unless a lawsuit is filed. However, lawsuits can only be filed when injuries are considered permanent or severe, or when medical expenses exceed $10,000.

5. Strange weather patterns

Strange weather patterns are everywhere. What’s considered strange is relative since we all become used to the weather where we live. However, if you travel someplace like Denver, Seattle, or Hawaii, you’ll find the weather unpredictable.

In Denver, it can be sunny, slightly warm, and snowing at the same time. You can have a day of full sun and then it will snow the next day. The weather is similarly unpredictable in Seattle, except with rain. And in Hawaii, it can be raining on one side of the street, but dry on the other side.

No matter where you’re traveling, always bring comfortable clothes that will keep you warm and dry just in case you experience some unexpected rain, snow, or wind.

Expect the unexpected

While you can’t prepare for every possible situation, you can prepare for the more predictable, yet unexpected situations.