How to Properly Maintain Your Lodging Business Rentals’ Bathroom Sink?

From sinks to be placed on a bathroom to commercial restroom sinks, the choice of sinks for your lodging business rentals depends primarily on the configuration of your rentals’ bathrooms. But once installed, the secret to keeping your equipment in good condition is to clean it regularly.

The maintenance methods depend mainly on the materials used in the bathroom sink. So follow the guide to properly maintain your sink!

Vacation rentals bathroom sink

How do you clean each of your sinks?

Maintaining a sink in a bathroom includes cleaning the faucets and the draining system. To clean them, the ideal is to use vinegar and lemon juice. Don’t hesitate to scrub the hard-to-reach edges with an old toothbrush.

The ceramic or enameled porcelain sink

The ceramic sink is attractive because of its resistance to scratches, shocks, and ease of maintenance Such sinks are very easy to clean. A simple sponge with soapy water is enough. Rub the sink with a soft cloth or microfiber to keep the sink looking smooth and shiny. For the most stubborn stains: bleach is very effective. Bicarbonate offers excellent results if you prefer a more ecological and less polluting product.

The sink in synthetic resin or Solid Surface

The synthetic resin sink is made of composite. This mineral resin is light and easy to maintain. Simply rinse regularly with hot water. Be careful not to use abrasive agents that could damage the sink in your bathroom. For more stubborn stains, sprinkle the sink with baking soda from time to time. Let it work and before rinsing thoroughly, rub the stains with a sponge or a soft brush.

The natural stone sink

A very noble and aesthetic material, many of these are presented on our website that is a marvel in a water room with a Zen atmosphere. This type of sink delights for its easy cleaning. Daily, the stone does not support any abrasive, simply use soapy water. Moreover, we advise you to avoid using acidic products such as spirit vinegar or lemon for more stubborn stains. A mixture of bicarbonate and dishwashing liquid is a miracle solution to remove all stains.

Luxury bathroom sink


Whether you run hotels or vacation rentals, properly managing the cleanliness of those should be your number one priority.  Specifically for bathroom sinks, you need to make an extra effort in ensuring that those are clean, odorless, and stain-free.

Use the tips above to understand the best way to clean your lodging business rentals’ bathroom sinks, according to the materials of those.