Benefits of Settling in the Sacramento Suburbs

Perhaps you work in downtown Sacramento, CA. It’s an exciting, if not beautiful and historical place to build a career. But what if you don’t want to actually live in the city? What if you’d rather have the peace and quiet of a rural suburb where the night skies are so clear you feel you can just reach out and touch the stars and where crime is so low, you don’t even have to worry about locking your doors in the daytime?

Sacramento historic district
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On example of such a peaceful country community that’s located within close proximity of Sacramento is Wilton. Says a spokesperson for Roenspie + Johnson Real Estate Inc., while Wilton, CA began as a small settlement, it’s grown over time into a modern rural community that thrives primarily on the agriculture trade which means there’s a lot of open space and a lot of fresh air. Sounds like the perfect place to raise a family. Fact is, there’s lots of homes for sale in Wilton to choose from.

But Wilton is just one such suburb that surrounds Sacramento that can provide you and your family a high quality of life. According to a recent report, although Sacramento has had its share of struggles economically throughout its long, nearly 200 year history, it is nonetheless growing rapidly.

Numerous suburbs in rural settings provide families with all the modern amenities they need like high-speed internet and more. For business owners and city workers, the commute time into Sacramento is a breeze compared to big, congested hubs like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Even the NBA has a solid presence with the Sacramento Kings.

Golden 1 Center, Sacramento Kings
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Here are some other benefits to settling in the Sacramento suburbs.

Lots of Neighborhoods

While Sacramento might seem small compared to other coastal based cities in CA, it’s somewhat larger than most communities up north. In fact, it is considered a mid-sized metropolis that offers peaceful, “tree-lined” streets and a lot of different neighborhoods for folks to choose from.

If you’re looking for a faster pace of life, than mid-town might be the spot for you. But South Land Park offers 1950’s era ranch homes and is located not far from the state capital and the historical attractions that surround it. If it’s wide open spaces you’re seeking, there’s the beautiful agricultural area of Wilton. Or if you’re a professor, you might choose to live in College Greens where the colleges are situated.

Winter isn’t an Issue

The closer you live to Mount Shasta the more snow you will see each winter. The mountain offers some terrific skiing and snowboarding. But the closer you live to Sacramento the less snow you will experience.

The city’s winter temperatures is usually mild or temperate. There’s also very little rain. You can have a morning coffee while wearing a light sweater and be skiing in the mountains in the afternoon.

Cost of Living

With Sacramento having taken a hit economically over recent years, its recovery is said to be in full swing. However, housing prices remain low compared to the rest of the state. The same can be said of the cost of living despite California’s high state tax rate. You can find a good, starter home for around $300,000 which is more than fifty percent less than the coastal communities and cities.

Public park in Sacramento
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The Great Outdoors

One of California’s great draws is its miles and miles of pristine Pacific coastline. And while much of the state is dry with not a whole lot of fresh water, Sacramento is different. It boasts several big lakes and rivers for you to swim in, fish, and sail.

If you live in Sacramento or one of its suburbs, you can take a long drive in the country on weekends, go hiking, dive into a watering hole, or head up to the mountains to ski during the winter months.


Sacramento is said to be one the best cities for employment opportunities not only in CA but the entire U.S. When you combine the relatively low cost of living with “the robust job market,” you might think twice about moving anywhere else. The Indeed online job platform ranks the city as the sixth best place to work when it comes to salary, job postings, job growth, and unemployment rate.

A Sacramento salary will earn you 20 percent more buying power than it would in Ventura or San Diego. It will get you 15 percent more buying power than LA. That said, the average starting salary for a job in Sacramento is said to be $71,000 per year. So, what are you waiting for?