Best Network Marketing Tips: Advices From Paolo Meucci

Network Marketing is one of the best opportunities to earn nowadays, you can work anytime and anywhere you want. But actually it’s harder than it sounds.  So, we invited Paolo Meucci, co-founder of Unstoppable Generation, leader in Ariix-Newage and a number one Network Marketer in Italy.

Paolo Meucci

Q: Paolo, what would you like to explain about your business?

A: Network marketing is a business were you teach few simple things to a large number of people for a period of time long enough. The magic word is duplication and the final goal of the business is build leaders. We build people, people build the business.

Q: What do you sell, Paolo?

A: Ariix is a multi brand company that creates solutions and products for your health, weight loss, skin care and body care. Our mission is transform people’s life, from hearth to wealth.

Q: I have another question Paolo: what’s your brand policy?

A: We are a disruptive company, made from people thinking out of the box. We want to bring the network marketing profession to the next level.

We are the only company with the bill of rights!

Q: And which are the values of your team?

A: All the value are based on gratitude, respect and giving. We really embrace the core principles of network marketing. Help people to achieve their dreams in order to be free to do what you like in your life.

Without never forget that this is a relation business and relations will always be the foundation of a vitality business.

Paolo Meucci conference

Q: Paolo what’s the principle of Network Marketing?

A: This business is a journey from A to B, from what you are to what you want to become, and your main focus is your transformation.

For things to change you got to change, for things to get better you got to get better, so don’t focus on results and money but on your journey of transformation becoming a better person.

Remember: people buy you, not a product. You are the business and people will choose you and your story of transformation.

Q: Is it easy to make money with network marketing?

A: This business is simple but not easy at all. 80% of proper quit after 6 months, 10% quit 3 months later and another 5% after other 3 months.

Most of the people quit after one year, 90% are simply ‘tourists’ in this business; only 2% are gonna to be doers. So, first thing to do is to make decision, a real decision and then you should take the first step: 90 days of massive actions, in order to launch your business.

This business is simple, you can find the basics in the kiss kids contact, attract new leads everyday. But remember: this business in 80% mindset, 10% skills, 10% plan.

Q: It seems that you got a long story as well. I saw that you share your story a lot in social media, is it all true?

A: Your story is the king, your pain is the queen. All the magic happens in conversation. Open a conversation, keep the conversation, all with your story!

If you liked the interview with Paolo Meucci, you can try to be part of his team here.