Social Media Marketing Strategies for Black-Owned Online Business

Diversity marketing should be an important part of any business’ marketing strategy. Rather than using an exclusive voice, nowadays, the world is an inclusive place, just as it should be.

With that in mind, it’s vital that any business channels its products or services to all different groups and one of the biggest avenues for success is social media. Business, Influencers, brands, and individuals use social media to reach out to distant family, stay in touch with friends, ex-colleagues, old school mates and more.

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Of course, people also very much use social media to research other products, canvas opinion and even to shop direct. So social media is imperative for gathering new customers and connecting with your audience. If you need more voices for your pages, why don’t you buy active Instagram followers from 1394ta. They might help you to reach your audiences faster. With more than 4.5 billion users across the world, business owners are taking time to formulate quality social media marketing strategies to boost their bottom line.

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So there’s no getting away from social media – and you could even argue that having the right social media platforms in place are as important as having a business or brand website! A Forbes piece (chech out here) stated that 84% of businesses use social media for brand building. For any business, black-owned business or other – you can’t afford to ignore it. In this piece, we’re going to identify some excellent social media strategies for black-owned online business.

Using the Power of Social Media for Black-Owned Online Business

Social media has helped all businesses, black-owned online business’ and others and given everyone the chance of connecting with others, through the written word, audio, video and of course, static images. We live in such a connected word that in just 60 seconds, a piece of content posted on one of the biggest platforms can go viral.

The biggest platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter etc. are the perfect avenue for raising brand and black-owned online business’ profile, and there’s that chance of going viral, something you don’t get with offline marketing unless you’re a huge brand with a big bank balance and you have a global marketing team reinforcing one message.

There are lots of ways to engage with a black audience, and social media allows black-owned online business’ to improve visibility by using some of the following clever strategies. All of the social media marketing strategies listed below are designed to increase the following of black-owned online business’. Let’s dive in!

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Super Social Media Strategies for Black-Owned Online Business

1. Use Engaging and Thought-Provoking Content

One of the easiest ways to connect with your audience is to provide them with interesting content. In doing so, you start the road to building a community. Create the type of content that allows you to connect with others, that raises questions and encourages people to click-through to your website (or other) and share the information with their friends and followers.

It’s easily said of course, but sometimes, the ideas don’t flow. However, you could research what type of content that your competitors share. Be sure to look at the engagement. There’s no point in writing a similar piece of content if your competitor or competitors didn’t see good response.

Canvas opinion from family and friends – but better still, ask your followers what type of content would they like to see? A how-to piece on how to use a product. A before and after series? Information on the fabrics you use or responsible farming? How about eco-friendly content?

Other things that you could do include creating polls, featuring a Q&A session, or running a competition for the person who comes up with the best idea for new content. Remember to answer any comments and reply to questions to keep the conversation up and to increase engagement. People like to feel included and they’re more likely to follow you (and keep following you) if you make them feel part of your business’ family.

People won’t just buy from you if they like the look of a product or service, they’re more likely to buy from you when they feel a part of your community. It’s up to you to make them feel they belong.

If your content needs more engagement, you can also buy views on Instagram for better social media management. Everyone may require some extra for themselves.

2. Harness the Power of Captions

Black-owned online business’ use social media images and videos to get their message across, that’s not new news but it’s more than just posting up attractive images. As well as posting great looking content, you need to use captions to enhance your message. Often, an image will draw someone in but if the caption’s bland – or worse still, it’s not there – that person won’t engage and is less likely to want to follow you.

Every social media caption needs to tell a story but be careful, not too much of a story! Social media is designed to be quick and easy to get to grips with. You don’t need to write reams of information. Try getting your point across in short, snappy word-groupings. Use hashtags (especially for Instagram and Twitter) and better still, create your own.

Black-owned online business’ should definitely promote that they’re black-owned! Be proud of what you’ve achieved, use the hashtag #blackownedbusiness and search similar hashtags to see which get the biggest engagement.

Create your own as well – as we’ve mentioned – something that’s yours, that relates to what you provide or what you sell and use that hashtag every time you post so your audience start to recognize that hashtag.

You can use more than one hashtag for Instagram, feel free to use up to 30, although we feel this is a very large number so would suggest sticking with around 6 and no more than 9. You should also try and include a CTA on your posts, whether it’s click here for more or click to visit our website, sign up here, enter here etc.

By adding a call to action, you’re inviting your customer to do something else.

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3. Tell Your Customers About You

As we’ve said, social media is about connecting with people and finding out about your brand. People like to feel they “belong” so when you’re creating your community, be vocal about you, and your black-owned online business. This is a good way to use the power of influence.

Whether it’s a video about your business posted on social media or a blog about your journey to success. Perhaps you’d like to showcase a behind-the-scenes look of your office? Try IGTV to post a longer video (but you have to have an Instagram business account to use this Instagram feature).

Don’t limit it to the office! Perhaps you’re a mom with a black-owned online business – show people the other things you do day-to-day, people love to see a multi-tasking, strong woman with business acumen and yet someone who still has time to cook dinner and clean the house!

It’s pretty normal nowadays to run a home and have a business, connect with others who do the same – build up your community.

On that note, if you find you’re running out of time managing your social media and your business (along with whatever else you do every day!), you could consider employing a freelance social media specialist to help. Or simply dedicate 30 minutes a day to your social media use and use one of the social media scheduling tools to make sure your brand or black-owned online business is posting throughout the day. Here’s a good social media scheduling tool you might like to download here.

4. Check Out Instagram Videos and Reels

The power of video is huge and with YouTube now being the second biggest used search engine and TikTok growing an extremely large audience over just 2 years – you can’t afford to ignore it! Most social media platforms encourage video and with Instagram, you get access to Stories and Reels, both are really important for maintaining engagement and attracting new Instagram followers to your Insta account.

If you use a Reel, then make sure it’s entertaining but try and add an educational element. You need to keep it short and to the point because people move onto other things on Instagram quickly if they’re not instantly engaged. We’d suggest trying a Reel three or four times a week to keep your brand or business high in mind and as Reels are a relatively new feature on Instagram, you’ll find that yours has plenty of visibility as it’s a feature Instagram wants to promote.

5. Be a Regular Poster!

Black-owned online business’ need to stay visible in a crowded social media world so back to point 3, and make sure you do post regularly on social media. However, don’t over-post. No one wants to see their newsfeed full of posts from the same brand or business. Space out your posts, try 2 or 3 a day and post at optimal times.

Business accounts can access Instagram Insights to see when their followers are most engaged. Never post for the sake of posting, your posts must be interesting, informative, fun and contain the holy grail of hashtags.

Use quality images – this is especially important for a business. If your images are blurry or low-quality, it says a lot about your business, unfortunately, it gives the wrong impression.

Don’t forget to use the scheduling tool if you’re not at your social media “desk” regularly. Not only does it save you time, but it means you don’t have to think about your social media until much later on. However, remember to check-in a few times a day, to view your engagement and to respond to any of your followers.

6. Have a Style That Resonates with Your Brand

Style, similar to tone-of-voice is all about your look on social media and it should be the same across all the platforms that your black-owned online business uses.

Keep in mind your website livery, logo and style and match that across all your channels. As well as the “look” of your social media platforms, have a “uniform” style of writing and images. You might use a border, you might use the same emojis, you might use a certain filter – but keep it similar so your brand is instantly recognizable. It’s the same with hashtags, keep one or two hashtags that are unique to your business and mix them up with other hashtags that relate to your social media posts.

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Final Words on Social Media Strategies for Black-Owned Online Business

All of the above are relatively straightforward strategies to implement for building your business or brand online. It’s really important to harness the power of social media as there’s a wealth of opportunity out there to reach the right, target audience. So, play around with different social media platforms if you haven’t yet started your social media journey. Some might work better for you than others but try one at a time to help you understand each one fully before you move onto the next.

Remember, you can also link your social media platforms and you should always have links to your social media platforms on your website. Use hashtags, try and keep your overall “look” recognizable, build a community of followers and regularly interact with them. Offer promotions, discount codes, special offers and run competitions every now and again to grow your followers on Instagram.

Stay abreast of what your competitors do, identifying the areas where they’re weak and capitalizing on any opportunity. Look at what they do well and think about what you could do to emulate their success to get the best Instagram followers. Finally, stay visible and use social media regularly as part of your overall marketing strategy.