Las Vegas Truck Accident: Get an Attorney Immediately

Any accident is unfortunate, but some mishaps have more devastating and overwhelming outcomes than others. Hundreds of commercial trucks, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers ply the roads of Nevada every day, and accidents involving these heavy and often overloaded vehicles often result in severe consequences.

If you were injured in such a mishap, consider talking to one of the top Las Vegas truck accident lawyers at the earliest. Here’s why getting an attorney for your claim is so important.

Truck accident

Many Parties Could be Responsible

When another passenger vehicle crashes your car, there is rarely any confusion on who was at fault. However, that’s not the case with truck accidents. Besides the truck driver, many parties could be a party to your claim, including the vehicle owner, trucking company, loading services, mechanic responsible for vehicle upkeep, and truck part manufacturer.

Because determining fault and liability is so confusing, you need to have an attorney on your side to deal with the situation

You Deserve More in a Settlement

The trucking company or the party at fault would want to reach a settlement at the earliest. They want to settle the claim at the earliest, and because truck accident injuries are often severe, people end up accepting the first offer because they want to deal with the financial situation quicker.

In general, settlements for truck accident claims tend to be higher, and having an attorney is the only way you can ensure that your claim is not compromised. They know what it takes to negotiate, and insurance companies are likely to deal with your case with caution because you have a lawyer to represent you.

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You Have Limited Time

If you are injured in a car accident in Nevada, you are required to file a civil lawsuit within two years. This is only for lawsuits and not insurance claims. The same statute of limitations also applies to truck accident lawsuits.

Missing the deadline could cost your claim, and that also means you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. Key evidence could go missing, and you may have a hard time proving the other side’s fault. Get an attorney soon so that they can gather details and evidence to bolster your case. They will also ensure that all due deadlines are met, and all necessary paperwork is done without delay.

Call an attorney to understand what your truck accident case is worth and how you can handle the situation better.