How Much Is a 5 Carat Diamond Ring

An exquisitely cut diamond is a rare gem that bestows sheer beauty. Whether looking at the twinkles of a rare carat of 0.25 or the great luster of a 5.00-carat diamond, a package of brilliance, scintillation and brilliance need facet precision and significant proportions to deliver light performance providing the diamonds with their uniform and distinct character.

Five carats are known for considerable diamond weight – even people who don’t usually shop for diamonds can come across some exquisite and extraordinary 5-carat pure diamonds once in a few years. These impressive diamonds need some guidelines to shine at their maximum brilliance.

5 carat diamond ring
photo credit: The Glorious Studio / Pexels

After gazing at their uniqueness, anyone would love to have the five carats or gift them to their loved ones in the form of rings or pendants. However, the pricing for a real five-carat is subjective. Before buying, you should know about the exact price of five carats, so you get what you pay for.

Diamond pricing is set per carat, and the price also exponentially increases after you move up the weight categories of a carat (i.e., carat, 2 carats, etc.). The very first step would be setting up a sound budget. With the guide, you get the right price expectations and cover the better details of selecting a 5-carat diamond. Making wrong buying decisions can put you at a loss, but you get the proper outcomes with the correct information.

Pricing of the 5 carat

After knowing about what to look for in your ideal diamond, the purchasing part can be a little depressing. And most new people don’t know how much is a 5 carat diamond worth? Still, it’s worth everything when seeing that dazzling diamond for most of the cuts (the number can vary based on the amount because of facet cut or popularity.

A 5-carat diamond ring with SI2 clarity grade looks around a price range of $25 to 40k. A VS2 price range is about $60 to 85k. For many, such prices would be overwhelming, but an internally 5-carat excellent grade diamond ring can range from around $100k to $ 250k or more based on the color, retailer, and cut.

If you didn’t research a lot yet and the numbers send you into a flap, you must prepare as they can also go higher. However, you can be picky and select a lower and cleaner grade to save more.

What Determines The Price?

When searching for diamonds in the market, you’ll need to consider the 4C’s – Clarity, Cut, Carat, and Color. You already know about the carat and are about to search for the good buy. With large diamonds, clarity can be the key ingredient to ensure it is as good as possible. As you’re buying a large stone, the color would also have a significant role, and it is easy to know whether the color is low on the grading scale (more apparent than yellow).

Clarity and Color

Lacking inclusions is the key to find a diamonds price. There are smudgy, cloudy, or dark spots in the diamond you see; these are a total letdown. For small diamonds, it would not be easy to see as more diamonds are not listed. Large, prominent carbon specs internally trapped also show as dark spots. An extensive inclusion list is possible, but all these are generally obvious.

Also, there are feathers and clouds (tiny inclusion groups causing a hazy appearance) (internal cracks in the stone). All these are on the list of what not to have center and front in the large carat.

A diamond gets grades for both color and clarity. It can range from I3 (included to the third degree, i.e., many inclusions) to VS (very slight, typically, these are eye-clean and not noticeable inclusions) to IF (internally flawless, nothing but pure diamonds, they are perfect internally). It is rare to have excellent stones on the inside many experienced jewelers haven’t ever personally seen any of such precious gems.

So how much is a 5 carat diamond worth exactly? A thumb rule is that even when the diamond has clarity grade, that’s not IF you’re getting a good buy as long as you don’t notice inclusions at first glance or if they’re hidden through facet reflections. The diamond won’t be cheap, and you can expect a perfect variety at a very high price as these are rare carat rings.

Diamond ring
photo credit: Solod Sha / Pexels

Why Five Carats are Priced High?

There are many reasons for the high price range of 5-carat diamonds – the biggest one being that it is not hard to find diamonds, but you should see the larger ones and clean them internally that are not simple to come by. So the more significant and cleaner they are, the pricing will also be higher.

Another factor for the high price of a 5 carat diamond ring is salability, meaning that selling diamonds is simple. Let’s say that the diamond cutter has a great 5-carat vs. diamond, with the $8000 market value (not many consumers would realistically be able to buy that). So it would make sense to the rough portion (raw diamond before faceting) into 3 smaller diamonds for $2k per piece. And these are also quicker and easier to sell.

Minimum and Maximum Price Expectations

Differences in price among five carats can be a lot (more than $50,000) – most of the high budget is due to the cut quality, and the diamond color can be in the I to K range, with SI grade range clarity. With expert help, customers can get the diamond they always wanted, irrespective of the budget they have. However, a 5 carat pure diamond at such a price lacks minor precision and beauty.

However, a reasonable budget for an excellently crafted 5-carat diamond of exceptional performance, most pleasing color presentation, and clarity can be up to $145,000.


The diamond’s overall beauty and value are estimated by its sparkle, i.e., from its cut proportions – the sizes and angles and facets – as such proportions that the puppeteer light in the perfect way to return it to the eye as fire and brilliance.

All such cut proportions result in a beautiful stone, but an angle can rule all of them – the one between pavilions and girdle (the stone’s lower half). For example, a round-cut diamond’s sweet spot is around 40 to 41 degrees. When the angle is too large or small, the stone will be too shallow or deep, and the diamond won’t perform well.

Ultimately when anyone wants to pay for a 5 carat diamond ring, which can be around $10,000 a carat minimum (for lower color and proportions) and about $30k minimum or more for the upper quality (venturing above the H color and VS grades of plus clarity), closer to $30k very least, there are specific diamond requirements for the diamond to at least appear large. Thus, while looking for a beautifully cut five-carat diamond ring, you must know that it won’t seem too prominent and you can also consider your budget.