How to Choose the Best Riders for Your Term Insurance Plan?

Riders in term insurance plans are optional extras that may be added to your term insurance policy to increase the protection of your loved ones and family. A rider is a perk that is added on top of the base plan. Selecting the correct rider to assist makes your term insurance plan more protective. The coverage of a rider comes into play when a specified incident occurs.

You can check the online term plans with riders if you’re confused about which rider to choose and which not. However, we have sorted out your problem, and here we have compiled the list of the top best riders you must add to your life insurance policy. Read the blog further for better comprehensive information.

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Different types of Term Insurance Plan Riders

For diverse conditions, there are several rider options for catastrophe assurance consideration. Riders provide the support that extra security measures will undoubtedly be unable to provide. If you select them for the term insurance plan, riders might provide various perks.  These are some of the good riders in term insurance plans:

1. Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider

This rider in a term insurance plan provides an additional amount if the policyholder dies or gets disabled due to an accident. They can use the rider amount for their daily expenses and can compensate for the loss of income.

2. Critical Illness Rider (CI)

The policyholder should include a critical illness rider in their policy in case his/her family has a critical illness in their family history. Usually, the term policy does not include critical illness riders.

As a result, one should definitely go for a critical illness rider in their policy with an intention to get a lump sum amount for availing of any treatment pertaining to the critical illness. In case the policyholder dies due to critical illness, then the lump sum amount will be given to the nominee.

3. Terminal Illness Rider

Terminal illness rider or an accelerated death benefit rider is basically a protection cover wherein the amount is paid early if the policyholder is diagnosed with any terminal illness which is fatal. For example, last stage cancer, kidney failure, stroke, etc. In this, a portion of the sum insured is paid to the policyholder even if they are alive.

4. Waiver of Premium Rider

If the policyholder becomes physically impaired or disabled or is critically ill, then as per the waiver of premium rider, the insurance premium payments will be waived off. The policyholder needs to add this optional insurance policy to their existing policy. Moreover, it is essential to fulfil certain health and age requirements to purchase a waiver of premium rider.

5. Spouse Benefit Rider

This rider assures that the widow of an assured will get level term integration to the most significant degree possible. A clause is frequently included that allows the soul mate to shift to enduring life, including payment, without providing proof of insurability.


How Should You Select Riders for Your Insurance Policy?

Buying a term plan is one of the essential decisions for a policyholder. In addition to this, it is also essential to select the rider for one’s insurance policy. But how? So, we are hereby providing certain pointers which will aid in selecting riders for one’s insurance policy. They are as follows:

  • Before buying any term insurance policy, it is very important for the policyholder to know about the terms pertaining to the rider, sum insured, age at the time of entry and other aspects that impact the amount of insurance coverage. If the policy aspirant is above 65 years, then the rider will not be offered to him/her. Thus, one should check these details carefully and thereafter buy a term insurance plan.
  • There are several insurance service providers which allow riders for the policy aspirants at the time he/she purchases or buy a term plan. They do not allow the addition of riders during the renewal of the policy. In case the person is buying a term plan online, then he or she cannot add all the riders. Thus, the aspirants should be well aware of all the terms and conditions of the term plan or policy which they intend to buy.
  • In case one is choosing a health-related rider or critical illness rider, then they will get all the tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Thus, this is how one can choose the best riders for their term insurance plan. Ideally, the terms differ from policy to policy. Thus, it is ideal for checking and reading all the terms and conditions to choose the best riders.


Even though an extra security process will not be able to deal with the sum of your charges and demands, including a rider to your term life insurance policy like Tata AIA Life Insurance policy plans may be a reasonable alternative to increase security while also protecting your financial security. Some of the best riders you can opt for are mentioned above. However, make sure you calculate the premiums and waivers you need to pay, or you’ll get with these riders within your budget.