What to Look for When Choosing a Cloud-based Translation Solution for Your Company

Today, most companies sell their products and services in a large number of countries. It requires them to translate all of their documents as well as their various communication tools (website, apps, etc.) in the languages being spoken in each location. If the choice of a cloud-based translation solution is selected, the quality of the result has to be as close to perfect as if it was done by a professional translator from the country where the language will be used.

Here is what to look for in a cloud-based translation solution to get great results.

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Elements to look for in a Cloud-based Translation Solution Online

If your company is looking to translate a large number of documents, choosing a cloud-based translation solution online might just be the right thing to do. In this case, here are the elements that you need to make sure it offers.

1. Translating More than Documents

One of the main advantages of using a cloud-based translation solution is its capacity to translate any text relating to the company, no matter in which format it is written. In terms of documents, it should be able to recognize texts and translate them from Word, PDF, PowerPoint and more. But if this is where its capacity to modify languages ends, it is not sufficient. You should look for a solution like the one brought by Systran, so that you can also translate web pages without leaving your web browser.

2. Integration Capacity

Nowadays, many businesses are completely digital. The most significant advantage of this is the ability to join all parts of the company into a single unit. By using a cloud-based translation service like Systran in conjunction with an integrating tool like Blend, you can make sure that your chosen service allows for integration.

3. Speaking the Language of the Industry Related to Your Company

The art of translation is extremely complex. The same word used in two different industries can have completely different meanings. If the cloud-based translation solution is not adapted to the industry that your company works in, you may find yourself with translation errors that will look silly in the eye of everyone else working in the same field as you, including your customers, suppliers and collaborators. Therefore, it is important to check if the solution that you choose possesses the capacity to adapt itself to your particular line of work.

4. Protecting Your Data

The cloud-based translation service should feature strong security measures to protect the company’s date once they are on their server. There are protocols that need to be observed in regards to data security, and you need to confirm that the based-cloud translation solution responds to them. Look for services that include encryption, firewalls and other security features that will guarantee the safety of your data.

5. Translating in Real Time

Expectations are extremely high when it comes to saving time online, today. Any based-cloud translation solution that does not execute the work in real time is simply too slow. Individuals value their time over anything else in the modern world, since there are too many tasks to do within a day. If the translation is too slow, people will move on.

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To recap, when choosing a cloud-based translation solution online, it is important to consider factors such as the variety of formats translated, its capacity to integrate with other software, its adaptation to the language used inside your industry, the security of your data and real-time translation. With the various options available, it is important to take the time to evaluate your needs and choose the best one for your business.