Peyton Manning and Tony Hawk Honor Veterans on History Channel Special, Beyond the Battlefield

Peyton Manning and Tony Hawk Honor Veterans on History Channel Special, Beyond the Battlefield

What connected sports legends Peyton Manning and Tony Hawk with Veterans’ Day? Both teamed up alongside Navy veteran Remi Adeleke to celebrate America’s armed forces on a new History Channel special, Beyond the Battlefield.

Produced by Peyton Manning’s company Omaha Productions, Beyond the Battlefield is a 2-hour retrospective providing an immersive look at the U.S. military. The special was also produced by former ESPN and Fox Sports exec Jamie Horowitz, who has a long history of leading veteran support organizations and fundraisers.

Manning also appeared in the special to share his stories of support for veterans throughout the years.

The special provided a new and fascinating look at the military to average Americans and non-civilians alike. It featured accounts of some of our nation’s bravest heroes and explored the history of the U.S. Special Forces, Marine Corps., and Naval Aviation.

Beyond the Battlefield aired on Saturday, November 11th.

Beyond the Battlefield

Omaha Productions Uncovers Little-known Military History

Beyond the Battlefield focused on two areas of the military known for their secrecy—the U.S. Army Special Forces and the Marine Corps. Host Remi Adeleke visited top bases and took part in military routines, offering a first-hand look at the experiences of our nation’s most elite soldiers.

Adeleke also explored the history of the Special Forces, Marines, and Naval Aviation with the help of never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with active-duty military members, experts, and historians.

Behind the Scenes of Fightertown, USA

In the first hour of the special, viewers joined Adeleke in Fightertown, USA, the nickname of Marine Corps. Air Station Miramar (MCAS).

This 100+ year-old naval base was home to the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School—best known for its elite fighter pilot program, TOPGUN.

Adeleke walked viewers through a day in the life at MCAS and dived into its thrilling history, which spans from WWI to the present day.

Tony Hawk Suits Up

Much of what Tony Hawk learned about dedication and perseverance, he learned from his father, a former U.S. Navy Officer. Hawk joined Adeleke at MCAS to share stories from his father’s legacy as a WWII pilot.

Then, he experienced what it takes to don a real fighter pilot’s flight suit, and experts shared just how much goes into protecting a pilot from G-force, chilling temperatures, and low-oxygen altitudes.

Secrets of the Special Forces

In the second half of Beyond the Battlefield, Adeleke made the trek from Miramar, just outside of San Diego, to Fort Liberty, North Carolina to visit the Army Special Operations Forces headquarters.

For the first time, viewers met real U.S. Army sergeants and Generals, who recounted the thrilling history of the Green Berets. Active duty military members and historians explored the domestic and international activities of the Army’s most elite fighting force dating back to WWII.

Then, Adeleke was put to the test as he was introduced to the Special Forces’ brutal training exercises, including the infamous Nasty Nick Obstacle Course, challenging him to demonstrate the resilience and skill needed to go head-to-head with a Green Beret.

Jamie Horowitz and Peyton Manning Show Their Support

Beyond the Battlefield offered a thrilling look inside some of the most secretive branches of the U.S. military, exploring their history and accomplishments. But The History Channel’s special was also about the real men and women behind the scenes. It was a celebration of veterans and the sacrifices they make for this country every day—most of which go unseen and unheard.

Omaha Productions co-founders Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz hoped that the special stirred viewers to show their support for veterans not only on Veterans Day, but year-round.

Peyton Manning has been an avid supporter of veterans for many years. He’s given generously to organizations like the Red Cross and the Navy SEAL Foundation, aiding veterans, military members, and their families.

Aside from donating, Manning is known for showing up in person to raise funds and morale.

For example, he recently went skydiving with vets to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation, and he made a personal call to an Air Force veteran to thank her for her service.

Co-founder of Omaha Productions and producer of Beyond the Battlefield, Jamie Horowitz is also a decades-long supporter of our armed service members. He served on the advisory board for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), a nonprofit organization that provides post-9/11 veterans with the resources they need to heal and thrive. As a former VP at ESPN and former President of Fox Sports, Horowitz spearheaded regular fundraisers, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities that support veterans.

Jamie Horowitz has also worked closely with veterans support organizations like American Corporate Partners and Operation Mend to ensure veterans get the medical and professional support they need to reintegrate into society.

When Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz founded Omaha Productions in 2020, both agreed to make it a priority to find ways to celebrate our nation’s veterans. Working in tandem with History Channel Executive Eli Lehrer, Manning and Horowitz partnered with The History Channel to create a show celebrating those who protect our freedom.

Beyond the Battlefield is not the first time Omaha Productions’ has collaborated with The History Channel – they also partnered on the show Greatest of all Time  – but it is the first partnership where the focus is to bring together athletes and military members in support of veterans. And it’s unlikely to be the last.

About Omaha Productions

Omaha Productions is a sports media company founded by Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz. It’s known for producing hit series such as ManningCast with Peyton & Eli on ESPN, Eli’s Places on ESPN+, and Netflix’s Quarterback.

Unlike other traditional production companies, Omaha Productions was founded to specifically embody the ideals of its founders. It aims to produce content that uplifts and unifies viewers with positive messages and strong role models. A core element of that aim is to show support for our nation’s veterans and active-duty military members.

Throughout their years of giving back, Peyton Manning and Jamie Horowitz have learned that sports entertainment and veteran support can go hand in hand. They have said they will continue to utilize their resources at Omaha Productions to raise awareness and funds for the men and women who sacrifice the most for our country.

It’s good news for veterans that Omaha Productions’ future looks bright. The company’s unique style of storytelling and uplifting messages continues to resonate for viewers across a variety of platforms. Omaha has found success producing tv shows, documentaries, and podcasts. Beyond the Battlefield was another solid win for Omaha, marking a promising lead-in to many exciting new projects in 2024.

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