What Makes Chris Rapczynski’s company, Sleeping Dog Properties, a Leading Luxury Contractor

Competition among luxury contractors is usually very tough as they cater to a very small and unique client base. To stand out from the competition, luxury contractors need to go above and beyond the regular offerings in the market.

A tried and tested method for beating competition is offering the best possible construction experience to your clients, and the Boston-based luxury contractor Sleeping Dog Properties seems to have mastered this method.

Luxury home construction

Sleeping Dog Properties entered the luxury contractor industry thirty years ago in 1993. From day one, the company decided that client service would be its top priority, and accordingly, it created a mission statement to reflect that intention. Their mission statement, which can be found on their website, reads as follows:

“We are a client-first company. We seek to deliver world-class client service above all else – it’s the first and primary order of how we do business. We succeed when every decision is based on this clear understanding of and belief in what we do. When we couple this conviction with sound construction management practices we expect to achieve outstanding results for both our clients and our employees.”

The company was founded by Chris Rapczynski, who, with his brother, Matt, realized that there was an acute shortage of high-end contractors in the market. Seeking to fill this gap, he pooled his network of trusted contractors, tradesmen, and subcontractors, and started Sleeping Dog Properties.

Chris Rapczynski of Sleeping Dog Properties

Their specialization is the result of their dedication to creating exceptional experiences for their clients. Rapczynski and his team create these experiences by creating properties with superior design and finishes and continue to maintain their projects beyond the completion date, through their class-leading home maintenance program.

Over the years, Rapczynski’s company has grown from a small development company to an industry leader in luxury contracting services because of certain hallmarks, all of which have contributed to a great experience for its discerning clients. These hallmarks, discussed below, are essentially what distinguish luxury contractors from regular contractors.


After 30 years in the construction industry and having worked with partners of varying levels of experience, Rapczynski understands that it takes decades to develop knowledge and skill. Experience is a true hallmark of a luxury contractor because it allows them to make difficult decisions for their clients.


Whether the client is planning a renovation, a remodel, or a new construction, they would surely be daunted by the complexity of the undertaking. This is why a luxury contractor should focus on putting the client’s mind at ease. By adhering to incredibly high standards of service, Sleeping Dog Properties ensures that they take out much of the guesswork for their clients so that they can sit back and watch their vision become a reality.


As mentioned above, a key differentiating factor for a luxury contractor is their attention to detail. Sleeping Dog Properties has both the patience and experience necessary to create one-of-a-kind and highly detail-oriented offerings for its clients. Whether it’s custom cabinetry or custom millwork, it’s the details that will make the item stand out.


Every project ultimately boils down to execution. Whether the project was completed to the client’s liking, on time, and within budget will determine whether the contractor will get more business from the client. You can promise the stars but if you don’t deliver, those words mean nothing. At Sleeping Dog Properties, the team ensures that no corners are cut and that the project is completed to the highest degree of craftsmanship.


Accountability flows hand in hand with execution. An experienced and skilled luxury contractor is self-assured, which is why they are more likely to adhere to the highest standards of accountability for all their project.


Warranties are a manifestation of a luxury contractor’s accountability and confidence in their craftsmanship. It is evidence that the work has been done to last. At Sleeping Dog Properties, each aspect of their work is protected by warranty, so that their clients can be at mental peace that they wouldn’t encounter any issues.

Follow Up

A truly luxurious experience isn’t complete unless it’s coupled with post-construction services. A good luxury contractor will ensure that they remain accessible long after the project has been completed so that any issues that may arise in the future are promptly dealt with. For clients seeking services beyond the usual follow-up, Sleeping Dog Properties offers its Heritage Home Program, a program designed to maintain the new look and feel of houses years after completion.

The Sleeping Dog Guarantee

Rapczynski has purposefully put together a team that is result-oriented and values teamwork. From the first consultation call to the end of the project, each team member and trusted partner brings their expertise and creativity to the table, to create a memorable experience for the client. The hallmarks set out above are demonstrated in practice, every day for each project.

Sleeping Dog Properties’ commitment and dedication to craftsmanship have made it an industry leader, and this is why it continues to be the standard for luxury contracting services in Massachusetts.