Are You Qualified for Super TPD Claims? Explained

Insurance claims and payment after retirement is one of the thoughtful matters that need pro assistance and professional service to come to a conclusion. Therefore, knowing about the best TDP (Total permanent disability insurance) always makes sense.

As you know, the personal injury lawyer covers a vast range of legal services that you can claim if you have been injured either physically or psychologically due to the negligence of some other person/company/agency government and or any other entity.

However, in this article we will exclusively take a look at the Super TPD claims and what it is about. Let’s not wait anymore.

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What are Super TPD Claims?

The Super TPD Claims aka, Total permanent disability insurance is a lawyer that has been developed or designed to offer financial support featuring a lump sum payment (TPD benefit). That is for Australians people who cannot continue to work as a result of some ailment or medical injury.

TPD is a condition due to which the person is not able to work because of serious injuries. The permanent total disability is only valid for those cases in which the person can never work again such as a permanent disability due to medical or accident.

Once the company investigated and classified the disability as being temporary or permanent, the payouts and benefits apply accordingly.

Moreover, it’s important to note that, if a person has fair chances of improvement and the doctor thinks that medical condition can be improved by the time, the person will not qualify for permanent total disability benefits. There is a range of disabilities that TPD covers that’s why it’s important to understand it.

And if you are consulting the professional Splatt lawyers, you get proper assistance and analysis of the situation to reach a clear conclusion.

Are there any points to keep in mind to make a claim of Super TPD?

Super TPD has some consideration that you must need to go through before making any claim. As you know, one has to qualify and make sure that he/she cannot continue to work due to disability, likewise the authentication matters to support the claim.

It means you must make a rightful and successful superannuation TPD claim with the satisfied insurance policies.

To support that, you have to submit compelling evidence of your condition such as medical evidence and employment records. For instance injuries preventing the policy holder from working in the same capacity (before the accident/incident) let you qualify for the TPD.

Know that, only if you take the service from the professional TPD lawyer, you get fair winning chances followed by maximizing your TPD compensation, and avoiding foolish mistakes.

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In conclusion, you are qualified for TPD insurance or claims if you are unable to work due to sickness or injuries in the same capacity as you had been doing in the previous education, training or experience. You still have to submit required documents.

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Making TPD Insurance Claims- Know the Types

When you are unable to work, it can be due to various reasons while major being injuries or disabilities. To understand that, there are majorly two types of total permanent disability claims: occupational and non-occupational.

  • Occupational TPD claims are when the person was injured by the job or injury occurred at the workplace.
  • Non-occupational TPD claims are when the person was not injured during work.

So if the person was injured in a serious car accident or fall or slip accident, you may be eligible for an occupational TPD claim.  For a medical condition that leaves you unable to work continually, you will fall for non-occupational TPD claims. Here are the top most common TPD claims:


The car and other accident that make a person disabled make the person qualified for the TPD claims with about 9% of the all the claim. Accidents that cause disabilities to move, amputation and brain injuries are super TPD insurance qualified.

Cardiac arrest and heart conditions

Heart attack is one of the major claims that fall under TPD super claiming insurance. The heat diseases and the attack are the major causes of many disabilities such as chest pain, breathlessness, and fatigue that otherwise prevent you from working.


Suffering from cancer is also a super TPD claim with over 33% of the claim pertaining to this disease. The reason is a large number of ailments are linked to disabilities from cancer such as fatigue, pain, and problems taking part in daily life activities.

Musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorder is another condition that is under super TPD claims for about 8% of all the claims. This disorder can lead to wide range of disabilities, such as pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving or performing daily activities

Mental Illness

Mental illness is also a TPD Claim with about 10% claim of the TPD insurance. It includes a range of disabilities such as anxiety, depression, and difficulty concentrating or performing daily activities.

TPD Claims Process

The process of the TPD claim can be different from each insurance company. However, if you talk about some of the general steps, you get the idea how it works and what are the common steps to initiate the super TPD insurance claims.

Firstly, you have to notify the Insurer of the intention to make the claim. You can do so over phone call or in black in white (in writing). Afterwards, the insurer would send out the necessary claim forms.

After the submission of the forms, the claim will be assessed on the basis of medical reports from the claimant’s treating doctors for evidence.

In this step, the insurer can also contact the claimant’s employer to get the required information about their work history and duties.

Once the claim is accepted, the insurer will pay the lump sum benefit to the person, aka, claimant. However, if the claims are not accepted, the person can appeal to the decision.

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Rejection of the Claims – What’s Next?

It’s very unlikely that your claim will go rejected once you have fulfilled the paperwork and demands. If you are qualified you will most certainly get the TPD insurance. However, if your claim is rejected and the company denies your claim in any way you can opt for the appeal process.

The process of the appeal greatly depends on the insurer and you will need to submit the written request for the review. Note that, you should seek the legal advice before you appeal a decision due to precise and strict time limits and the procedural requirements that you cannot overlook to follow.

Only the experienced and professional super TPD lawyers are helpful for that matter such as the Splatt lawyers! They are experienced and make things easy for understanding.