U.S. Money Reserve Reviews the Reasons the Dollar’s Strength Can Impact Gold Prices

Decades ago, U.S. citizens were able to exchange paper currency notes for physical precious metals such as gold and silver. That practice, unfortunately, ended a long time ago.

In 1944, a meeting took place among more than 40 countries to establish a new international monetary system moving forward after World War II. This meeting led to the Bretton Woods system, which tethered the U.S. dollar to gold at a fixed exchange rate of $35 per ounce. As U.S. Money Reserve’s article on Bretton Woods explains, the fixed yet adjustable exchange rates for other nations’ currencies were pegged to the dollar.

US Dollars

In the 1960s, however, the amount of foreign-held dollars began to exceed the U.S. government’s stock of gold — suggesting the country might not be able to allow currency holders to redeem paper money for gold at the official rate.

Amid other global gold market stress factors, the U.S. gold deficit worsened, and central banks became increasingly hesitant to accept U.S. dollars.

Gold’s Relationship to the Dollar

In 1971, President Richard Nixon decided the U.S. would temporarily stop converting dollars into gold for central banks of other nations — which marked the beginning of the end of the Bretton Woods system and helped enable the eventual free trade of gold on world markets.

Today, gold demand and the U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency can be inexorably linked, according to U.S. Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl, who served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint.

“Gold is sold around the world in dollars,” Diehl says. “A strong dollar, compared with other currencies, makes gold expensive for buyers using those currencies, and that suppresses demand in those markets.”

In 2023, for instance, high yields the interest rate earned on U.S. Treasury notes increased demand for treasuries. This, in turn, drew a significant amount of money into the U.S. and helped to drive the U.S. dollar higher, Diehl explains, affecting gold demand and prices.

As Diehl predicted, however, the dollar has leveled out somewhat — the Nominal Broad U.S. Dollar Index shows that the dollar trended downward from November to late December 2023, and thus far in 2024, the Index has remained below the levels it reached in September and October 2023.

Correspondingly, in December 2023, the price of gold ascended to a new high of $2,135 per ounce and has hit other record levels in the first four months of this year — including $2,222 per ounce on March 21, 2024, $2,305.04 per ounce on April 5 and $2,365 per ounce during the day on April 9. On April 12, gold again hit a new high of over $2,400/ounce, according to Yahoo Finance.

Gold bar
photo credit: Michael Steinberg / Pexels

The Motivation for Owning Precious Metals

Economic concerns are a key reason some portfolio holders choose to purchase precious metals like gold — an asset Diehl says is frequently viewed as security against economic upsets and global conflicts that can rock the stock market.

“For hundreds, if not several thousand years,” he says, “gold as part of a balanced portfolio has ensured that a person’s assets and wealth are protected, come what may.”

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