Good News the Government Says the Recession is Over….What?

The economy will recover. Someday. Many measures have been taken to help boost the economic recovery, but evidence of a struggling economy continues to surround those in the business community,… Read more »

Is the Term ‘Small Business’ Degrading?

I just read a short blog post by The New York Times’ You’re The Boss about the term ‘Small Business’ – The writer titled the blog post “Is the Term… Read more »

Google Place Pages of Google Maps: Will it Render Small Business Websites Obsolete?

I missed this development from Google – my bad. Fortunately, I stumble on an article about new feature in Google Maps that pretty much shed some light – and raise… Read more »

In Business – Who is Your Best Friend?

Your strategic partners in business could be your best friends in business. Yesterday I attended an annual conference for CPA (Certified Public Accountants) that was held near the Miami Florida… Read more »
Personal Development

Business Owners: The Highest Overall Well-Being among Other Occupations

Here is another reason why you should enter entrepreneurship today, not tomorrow. A poll by Gallup, a company that has studied human nature and behaviour for more than 70 years,… Read more »

Small Business Owners (Most All) Affected by Real Estate Downturn

The real estate downturn is affecting most all business owners. The real estate downturn is far reaching. Very often we hear about the impact on Realtors, construction trades, mortgage companies… Read more »

The Impact of Going Green for Small Business

Going green has became a worldwide initiative to ‘save the world’, or to the least, ‘better the world’. The buzz is strong, so strong that it is utilised as part… Read more »

eBay Sells 65% Skype Ownership for $2.025 Billion

eBay is cashing in – They finally sell Skype for a deal that value it at $2.75 billion, as confirmed by TechCrunch. The new investors – a group led by… Read more »

Cybersecurity Emergency Proposed Bill: The President could Control Your Internet Access

I just read this rather worrying news about a US Senate proposed bill that will enable the White House to control private-sector networks from the Internet. The proposed bill would… Read more »

Due Diligence – How’s that Going to Make Me any Money?

“Make sure you perform your due diligence.” A simple statement that can have tremendously far reaching consequences. I work with people interested in buying a business or selling a business,… Read more »