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Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Winning Business Pitch

Startups and established businesses know that pitches are essential. It can mean new customers and/or funds, which you need to jump-start your company. It can mean impressing the right people… Read more »

3 Tips to Help You Be Pitch Perfect

Imagine that you’re selling your house. The tangible specs on the place — the square footage, number of rooms, location — will be immediately apparent to any potential buyer. But… Read more »
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10 Cringeworthy Buzzwords You Need to Strike From Your Pitch Vocabulary

Every pitch slam and industry gathering is filled with new entrepreneurs touting the greatest whatever in the world. “It’s a real game-changer.” “It’s the software-as-a-service solution for X.” “It’s the… Read more »

Book Review: Joey Asher’s How to Win a Pitch

Winning a pitch is probably a single most important outcome in a presentation to secure new business. With stiff competition these days (along with the pressure of recession, pushing competitors… Read more »