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How to Promote your New Business Offline

Every business has a website these days, right? But does every website get promoted offline? Probably not. Not every website


Why Should you Use Blogging for your Business Marketing Campaigns?

Blogging is nowadays paramount to the online success of a marketing campaign. Those that realize this and are on board


The SEO Mistakes That You And Your New Website Really Need to Avoid

SEO begins at home, so if your website sucks then so will your SEO, and no matter how many juicy


Reasons Real Estate Crowdfunding is Gaining Momentum as a Modern Option for Investors

Traditional real estate investing is characterized by the injection of large amounts of capital from one or a few major investors. The system has worked well for a very long


7 Zero to Low Cost Business Ideas: Startup Ideas with Negligible Investment (Part 2)

Taking my previous post further, here’s another set of business ideas that are low on investment: 1. Catering With a Twist Each and every one of us who cooks has his or her special treats, dishes that he or she can rustle up in signature style. Running a catering business


Personal Investing for the Competitive Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have drive. Entrepreneurs are competitive. And while you may not always feel like it, simply by starting your own business, you have done something that most people won’t do in their lifetime. It’s worth a momentary self-congratulation, but only for a moment, because there’s a lot of work to

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