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Interview with David Braun, CEO of TemplateMonster

Editor’s note: I’ve been doing web design and development for 15+ years – 8+ years of those as a web

Exclusive Q&A with Kane and Alessia Minkus on Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Unlike the popular belief, married couples can build winning business partnerships. One great example would be Kane and Alessia Minkus.

Exclusive Q&A with Michael Hyatt on Goal Setting, Mentoring and Personal Branding

We cross path! I’ve been following Michael Hyatt for years, and thanks to a connector (you’re the man, Matt!) I

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6 Tips for Using Celebrity Endrosement in The Right Way

Entrepreneurs must come up with novel ways of marketing their businesses in order to stay ahead of the competition. One

Burkfield’s Pro Tips On Home Appliance Marketing And Advertising

The home appliance market has expanded much over the past decade. With so much competition, it is very important to

Six Reasons to invest in SEO in 2017

As 2016 nears a close, companies are busy analyzing their plans for the next financial year. One question that most

Top 5 Countries For Gaining The Second Citizenship By Investment

A few thousand people spend more than two billion dollars every year to gain the second citizenship. St. Kitts and Nevis is one of the countries with the longest history

5 Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

While you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in order to be a successful businessman, you do have to have skills in order to make a profit. Take it from the young businessmen of today: they are competitive and creative, with the edge of being a lot more flexible

Property Investing Like the Pros

Property investment is perceived as a quick and sure-fire route to financial growth, however it usually is not that simple. The difference in property investment compared to any other investing strategy is that many people know friends or family who have made some money with their investments and think they


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