Earn Out Provisions | How to Properly Structure Earn Out Provisions

Art of the deal Art of the Deal Mitch Biggs is a Featured Business and Finance Contributor on Associated Content. This is a reprint of a previously published article.   Earn… Read more »

10 Home-Based Business Ideas for Busy Moms

WAHM Work at home moms are superhumans. As if managing the household is not hard enough, they add money-making endeavour into the equation. Despite the challenges, there are more and… Read more »

How a Portable Data Collection Terminal can Increase Your Small Business Profitability

Dolphin 9500A portable data collection terminal or hand held mobile computer is no longer being used for the typical inventory control for retail and warehouse. Its uses are now expanding… Read more »

Google’s Helping Hand?

Are Google Tools Really Free? So, Google… As we all know Google owns search on the web, it dominates over 10 billion searches per day globally, it has the power… Read more »

Why You Should Become an Absentee Business Owner of Multiple Businesses

Business owner in actionDo you want to own multiple businesses without having those to depend on your physical presence to run well? Your answer should be “yes.” Find out why… Read more »

Can Exploding Volcanos Affect My Business?

Can A Volcano Effect Me? So the weeks press has been littered with stories of anguish and stranded travelers because of the volcano eruption in Iceland. The worlds aviation bodies… Read more »

The Power of Perspective for a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Do you see it the way I do?When running a business, everyday can seem to be a series of dealing with the unknowns. When starting a new business or buying… Read more »
Personal Development

Work at Home Dads: The Happiest Men on Earth

Happy man (and daughter) This article is dedicated for dads who love being around with their family. Not trying to be a feminist, but I respect moms and wives. Moms,… Read more »

The Dark Art of SEO: Part Deux

SEO - part 2Links, links, links. In the second of the series surrounding the Dark Art of SEO we study how linking can help establish a small business on the… Read more »
Personal Finance

Why Raising Taxes Decreases Revenue in the United States

TaxesIf you know the rules, you can play the game. This concept holds true for the sea of rules imposed by the IRS. A good tax advisor is going to… Read more »
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