Google’s Helping Hand?

Are Google Tools Really Free?

So, Google…

As we all know Google owns search on the web, it dominates over 10 billion searches per day globally, it has the power to make and break an online business in minutes. Don’t be fooled into the “it won’t happen to me” approach, as it has happened many times, do a search for the big daddy update and you will find several examples of failed online businesses due to a simple update in the way Google orders the results page.


Though conversely Google is a god, the powers that be in the “plex” offer us users, a means to an end, an answer to our questions and a resource for our online business. Offering us tools like Analytics, AdSense and Webmaster Tools may seem like a great help, a way of analysing your web presence. I would ask yourself, when Google is trying it’s best to halt search engine optimisers…do you really think they ignore those tools? Bear in mind every   SEO’er worth his salt is using all the above and more, probably talking about there work through Google mail, uploading their site maps through WMT and monitoring their PPC.

I would argue that Google does know who you/we are, they simply do not need to do anything at the moment, why would they care about the odd million people manipulating their search engine when they can continue to harvest the information they can gather from them? Google wants to make it harder for SEO’ers to get good rankings and go against their system so why not monitor the guys who do it best to see how they do it?

So what are You Going to Do?

So, do you look for another option or stick with the masses? I would urge you to stay with Google and utilise its “free” services while you can, though the times are changing, the likes of Bing are nibbling at their heels with heavy online and TV advertising the tides slowly edging away from Google.

They need to do something soon to stop the likes of Bing, what will it be is the question on everyone’s lips.

In my opinion the plex is buzzing with anticipation of their latest idea, they will have a cunning plan, an extension strategy to throw out. Anyone who thought Caffeine was this sudden shift are sadly mistaken, this was simply a step in the direction of the overall strategy. If you had the whole Internet intelligence, trends and data in your hands, would you let the competition slowly eat away at your margins while doing nothing? No.

Danny Chapman

Danny Chapman

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