Home Based Businesses – 7 Tips to Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home

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In my previous post in this blog, Working From Home – Five Potentially Huge Problems to Avoid, we examined the challenges that may arise when working from home. We saw that these issues can have a serious impact on your family and business.

The challenges posed by a home-based business can be detrimental to the overall success of the business. Many new home-based business initiatives do not turn-over a profit, and this statistic is mainly the result of inadequate business skills. A false perception of what a home-business entails also contributes to the failure of many.

In this article I would like to offer you some solutions to the social and family challenges you will meet when operating a home based business.

My entrepreneurial journey began over a decade ago, and my introduction to entrepreneurship was as a home-based business owner. Through my journey I picked up pebbles of wisdom, and I observed the challenges I faced and how I managed to overcome them. From my experiences I would like to offer a few tips that will assist you in your home-based business and equip you with the skills on how to overcome the many challenges you will face.

TIP 1: As a home-based business owner it is important for you to maintain a balance. Your responsibilities to your business should not be neglected, but you should also not overlook your responsibilities to your family, friends, and loved ones.

TIP 2: Designate a set area within your home that will be used for work purposes only. All business activities should be performed in that specific space.

TIP 3: When you are in your designated work area, work as though you were in a conventional office. Do not allow your levels of productivity to diminish because you are working at home.

TIP 4: Do not spend all of your time in your “home office”. Dedicate a portion of your time to the people and activities that are important to you.

TIP 5: When your business begins to realize a positive cash flow you should outsource certain tasks to freelancers. This will reduce the workload on you without hampering overall productivity.

TIP 6: Explain to your family the semantics of what your job entails. Walk them through your daily activities and explain your ultimate business goals. By helping your family understand your business, you are nurturing an environment where you will receive their full support.

TIP 7: It is pertinent to understand that being self-employed differs from owning a business. A business is an ecosystem of its own that involves people, resources, systems and processes. Self-employment can be seen as the conception or the first stage of a potential business. As the entity grows and moves through its life cycle – plans and systems should be developed to expand out of the home environment into a “real” brick and mortar establishment. The satisfaction that is gained from witnessing the growth of your home-business into a sustainable business that contributes positively to the economy is unparalleled.

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  • Hah, I got an office in town too. I love it even though the home office is nicer. When kids come home from school the last thing you need is that kind of interruption. The office in town is totally quiet and totally productive. Shop around you can get space for a couple hundred a month.

  • Hi Douglas, Ivan,
    I managed to designate a set area in my home to be used for business; my problem was that I never got out of it. Now I have an office in town, and the office at home. I mostly work from the office in town, but sometimes like now, I may use the office I have at home. What helps me a lot is to shut everything down at a set time (more or less) during the week and isolate work from family life. It has helped me improve my relationship with family members a lot! Glad you found this post useful. Alex Papa

  • Yes – I agree to that also from my personal experience.

    Mixing up biz and personal activities will get you, well, mixed results ;)

  • “Designate a set area within your home that will be used for work purposes only. All business activities should be performed in that specific space.” I feel this is of utmost importance.