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Starting a Blog to Promote your Business

business blogging

How to start a business blog

If you’re a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker; a tinker, a tailor, or a small business owner – you’ve probably never thought of blogging as a way to enrich your business. After all, people come to you for your services and expertise and you exchange them for money, not for ‘hits’ online or internet fame.

But whatever sort of company you’re operating, you should start thinking of how to use the internet wisely in 2012 – or before long, you’ll find you’re getting left behind. These days, interaction is a sure-fire way to increase your transactions and with the internet you’ve got the ear of most the world.

Believe it or not, at least some of those ears will be interested in hearing about your job – whether it’s your take on the latest trend in your sector, a record of your experiences or your recommendations for the best commercial insurance.

So where to start? Well, setting up a blog is very simple: search for ‘website hosting’ or ‘blog hosting’ and find a place that appeals to you. The site has to be easy to use as well as easy on the eye, or you’ll get put off and so will your potential clients.

From there, it’s easy to set up your own domain name. Your website’s host will probably give you the option to buy it from the off – for a small fee. It’s an investment, because having your company’s name in your website address will give your users confidence and will mean you’re more likely to appear high in search results.

Then comes the tricky part: what to write about. Maybe you have a small company, with ethical ideals or a real niche – anything from a goat farm to a boutique or a B&B. It shouldn’t be hard to find an angle that will interest readers, especially those local to your community: perhaps you’re trying to run your business in an environmentally friendly manner, or perhaps you’ve got a unique taste in fashion?

It could even be something as simple as great pictures and funny stories of your life. If you write honestly and passionately, people will be as interested in your struggles as well as your successes. So, try and give an honest portrait of your trials as well as your triumphs – and remember to answer comments and address questions.

The most important thing is that you post regularly – minimum twice a week – and keep it relatively simple. You’ll need lots of pictures and you’ll have to limit each ‘post’ to 500 words; any longer and people might lose interest.

To spread the word, connect with people with similar interests or similar businesses – you can trade tips and swap recommendations. No doubt there’s already an active online group that’s writing, analyzing, and thinking about your sector from a fresh new perspective – follow the most active on twitter and start conversations, ask questions or challenge their stance on current topics. It’ll all link back to your blog and your company – and the more people feel they know you online, the more open, engaged and authoritative your voice, the more likely they are to trust in your business.

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  • Amythhomas,

    Indeed – but not only SEO, a business blog is also useful in connecting your clients and prospects with what’s happening inside your company – a great PR tool :)

  • Starting a blog will always gives you better performance to your business.It is a very powerful tool interms of SEO. Having a blog will strengthen our website.

  • Cheers, Lee!

  • Great article, I have been looking for information which makes sense and reading your post has made things a lot more clearer to me on the subject. Thank you for putting the time in.

  • Great post. I agree with you on the importance of creating an online presence for your business, no matter what kind of company you run. We have seen tremendous improvement on our internet leads and traffic since actively blogging and leveraging social media here at AMS Imaging!

  • Hi there,

    A great article about how to go about blogging and why you should blog.

    One thing that I would like to say is that blogging takes time – it takes time to write, so a content plan or schedule should be created. It’s not an easy answer to getting more traffic to your site.

    Another point I’d add to your article is the cultural differences on commenting between different nations. In the US, a lot of people will read and comment; while in Europe, people will read but are less likely to comment. It is changing but it oftens leads to frustration for new bloggers. They can’t understand why there is little commenting when they’ve spent so much time researching, writing and editing a blog.

    And I saw this on which is a great site to expand your blog readership!
    Take care,

  • Great post Ivan. As someone that believes everyone has a blog in them you have pointed out how easy it can be. And if someone struggles with writing or computer skills then hire someone to do it – the price you have to pay will be covered by the exposure you receive. Thanks for sharing on

  • Warren,

    Thanks for your comment. Indeed, we need to promote our hopefully-useful content to the right place is the key in this line of business :) And yes, although our articles are prioritised for readers first and search engines second, many of our posts are incorporating long tail keywords, as we believe that they are the key in getting us more visible on search engines…

  • Nice post with good rationale. Add to this posting (like you do) on sites like to popularize your writings and draw people to you more frequently. Additionally, the effort spent to research and utilize long-tail key words into your posts will be beneficial. Thanks.

  • Sara,

    You are correct – it’s something for people with some computer knowledge. However, starting a blog is not something you should do all alone – you can hire someone to blog for you, etc. Since you mentioned a butcher, I know someone running a butcher shop has a well-mantained website to connect with the customers via regular promotions sent though e-newsletters.

  • Sara

    Mostly professionals of professions you mentioned are computer illiterate then how is it possible for them to start a blog (or there should be some coaching classes to teach them first), though I agree that blogging is an effective way of earning money but it is nearly impossible for one working as a butcher to start hosting a blog. To make a blog successful/popular requires time & need to be updated on daily basis.

  • When starting a blog, it’s important to also create a publishing schedule so content is up to date.