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Salon Owners: Are You Ready to Find Clients Online? Try Wahanda Connect

I always preach that small businesses have to have a website, either for informational purposes or serving clients.   My reason is obvious: It helps your business branding, marketing and sales.

With social media, you need a business website more simply because you need to lead your fans and followers to your landing page for them to take action: Sign up, make a purchase, read more information, and so on.

However, if you still insist that you don’t need a website for your online presence, I do insist you to do at least one thing: Use online software to make things easier for your clients to buy your products or use your service.

If you are running a salon business,   the above is also the case: If you are still unsure about establishing a website, you need to strongly consider using a booking system to replace your pen-and-paper appointment management.

Before you start computerising your salon appointment, let me pitch you with something that might interest you… read on.

Salon online booking system

I was recommended to have a closer look at Wahanda.   At first, I thought it was a community for people interested in health, beauty and wellness.   I also thought that Wahanda is some kind of an online directory of beauty treatments and therapists.   Well, I’m half right.

What   I didn’t know is the fact that Wahanda also offers a cutting-edge Salon software,   namely Wahanda Connect, that practically enables salon, spa and wellness center owners to have clients book for your services online.   Let’s say it’s an online appointment software to let you manage your bookings so you don’t miss a thing.

What’s more, the Free online booking system also connects you with literally millions of potential local customers who are looking for a place for beauty, health and wellness treatments (remember the community I mentioned above? That’s your potential customers.)

How to start using Wahanda

Wahanda Connect is easy for you to set up and start using.   You can always contact Wahanda for this – no worries.

You can then create products to sell, set the pricing, and set special promotion.   The payments are collected online by Wahanda and then transferred to your account.

Wahanda Connect is free for the first month to see whether it can help you get more clients.   If you are happy with the results, you can continue using the online software by paying a low monthly fee £30 plus 20 percent commission.

How to best utilise Wahanda Connect?

You can replace your pen-and-paper salon management, even your existing software with Wahanda Connect – it covers everything you need with regard to appointment management.

However, you might be very interested to know that Wahanda Connect can complement your existing booking system; while not integrative in nature, you can run the salon software alongside your existing system.   This is beneficial for one purpose: You can let Wahanda Connect manage and sell your salon’s non-busy hours, giving special offers to attract customers visiting during such hours. This way, you can utilise your resources better.

So, are you ready to tap on millions of customers who are really passionate about your services? If so, I recommend you to learn more about Wahanda Connect.

Ivan Widjaya
Online booking software rocks!

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